I waited a year for you

I love summer and everything about it. Sundresses. Tank tops. Outdoor concerts. Getting a tan. Flip flops. Messy hair. Hot days. Warm nights. Vacations. The smell of suntan lotion. I can't wait to put my toes in the water and ass in the sand.

It's starting to get warm outside and I'm so down. 

It's such a laid back season. Spring is a little prissy for my taste, Autumn is high maintenance and Winter is a frigid bitch, but Summer, Summer is where it's at

This is the first summer in years that I really feel confident and good about myself. I'm happy with my body and how far I've come. I'm gonna wear a muhfuckin' bikini in public, on purpose, multiple times. Yeah, I'm gonna jiggle a little more than dem skinny bitches at the pool, but you know what else? I also have a nicer ass than they do. Game, set, match, skinny bitches.

I've worked hard for a long time to get to where I am. One day I was depressed and tired of being fat, so I took baby steps to change that. I made small changes in my diet, learned how to work out properly and took steps to de-stress my personal life. The biggest life-changer for me was when I started running - now I start to miss it when I don't lace up for a while.

Whether you're at the beginning or middle of your journey, the important thing is to stick with it. I didn't say "end" because it really is a lifestyle change. I'm always working toward being healthy and fit, but that doesn't mean I never eat ice cream or cookies or whatever.

 Blue Bell or gtfo.

In fact, I eat ice cream about once a month. More specifically, for about 4-5 days in a row, once a month. (Yep. You know.)

New goals: Tighten my stomach and thighs, and run a half marathon in under 2 hours. Not in the summer though, it's too damn hot for that. I'm gonna work on interval training and think about some other form of cardio for summer. How many calories do I burn raising my beer up to my mouth? Asking for a friend.

Unrelated: Cool shirt alert!

I'm still single.
(from Forever21)

Cheers to summer, my friends.


  1. Oh, I so need that shirt! LOL Awesome and that's why I'm still single, too. LMAO!

  2. And now that damn Zac Brown Band song will be in my head all day...Thanks! :)

  3. "when I don't lace up for a while" Hahaha you and your runner lingo. Get outta here Usain Bolt.

    You could run on a treadmill. I almost suggested basketball, but then I remembered how tall you aren't. I've been thinking about starting to hoop it up at 24-hour... but then I remember white guys can't jump.

  4. Love your shirt! You look amazeballs!!! I am in that...I need to figure out how to workout right place! And how can someone as awesome as you still be single???

    samiciaccio IG

  5. Summer is the best season ever. Bring on the hot weather, you won't hear me complaining. Love your tank top, I'm thinking I need to increase my cool shirt count just to keep up with you.

  6. Summer is my favorite. Especially because the sun stays up forever after work, and I can get so many fun things in around my never-ending work schedule. I hope you enjoy your first "damn that chick is fine!" summer!


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