I'm a Han Solo kind of girl

That awkward moment when you want to jump a fictional character's bones.

Not Cary Elwes. Not even Wesley, but Dread Pirate Roberts.

"As you wish" is right. Girls secretly just want a guy that will accommodate our every whim. Guilty. Plus, he's smart, witty, good with a sword (heyo!) and has a really good head of hair. I'm in on all accounts. 

Growing up I had a huge crush on Trent from Daria. Who didn't? I mean, seriously.

He was so effortlessly cool. And he was a musician. It's every teenage girl's wet dream.

And guys, there will be absolutely NO judging. I know Jessica Rabbit makes your jeans tight.

I get it, I do. She makes me weep over my normal looking boobs and dresses with reasonable-length slits.

You know what all of this means? Dressing up. Awww yeahhhh. I sense an increase in red dress and purple gloves purchases very soon. Or maybe Princess Leia's gold bikini. They'll look really nice on the floor.

And I wouldn't kick Han Solo out of bed. Just sayin'. Or Chris Pine's Captain Kirk. (WHAT, I like my fictional characters to fly spaceships. It's not weird.)


  1. I'd kill for Jessica's boobs.

  2. I'm sure Jessica's boobs can be purchased...just sayin'!

  3. I'd give her a carrot...

    ...creepy post of the day, complete! And it's only lunch!

  4. You should totally get a Leia bikini and use it for a reward/motivator to get those abs you've been working towards! It's sure to bring all of the nerd boys to the yard faster than any milkshake.

  5. Nerkilicious- I totes nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to play, link to my blog is www.thediaryofafatmommy.com


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