Mission: Accomplished

I bought this bikini as a distant dream back when I weighed around 170-180 lbs. I bought a size medium, hoping that the bottoms wouldn't be too squeezy and that I wouldn't have too much side boob. I paid $30 for it knowing that if I didn't achieve my goal for whatever reason, at least I wouldn't break the bank.

I've tried it on one time between then and now, and it wasn't great. I hung it on my closet door knob so that I could see it every day. I needed a reminder of what I was working toward. When I got fat I didn't notice what was happening, and then all of a sudden something clicked when I was 216 lbs about to pop with Mylo. Was it denial that whole time? Maybe. I think it was more like ignorance.

I had to learn how to eat healthily. Not re-learn. Learn. I had to learn the right way to exercise. It was a lot of trial and error at the beginning, and every meat-head at the gym told me something different. Finally I stopped trusting people and did my own research, and that's when I started succeeding. Weight loss takes a lot of time and dedication, but it sure feels fantastic when you reach your goal.

To be clear, I was 180 when I got knocked up. The fat I had was not solely from being pregnant. Read about Fat Meg here.

December 2010.
I don't even feel like this girl anymore.

I didn't weigh myself after I had Mylo because I think I was in shock from the 216 I saw on the scale before. Also I had a newborn and shit was getting real. I've been using 200 lbs as my "starting weight" because I feel like it's a good guess when you factor in an 8 lb 6 oz baby and all the juices and shit that come out of you. You're welcome for that visual, guys and girls who've never shat out a human before.

There have been a lot of cravings. A lot of "but I don't WANT to go to the gym". A lot of meal planning. A LOT of meal planning. I have to stock my fridge with easy, healthy snacks. If the healthy food takes too long to prepare, then I'll grab the easy, unhealthy option every time. I eat a ton of fruit and yogurt and string cheese for this reason.

Minus the beer and wine - that's for when people come over because I'm a good fucking host.
It has nothing to do with the fact that I had the tiniest of parties on Saturday.
Totally unrelated.

Today I'm at 139. My original goal was 130, and to some extent it still is, but it's not the most important goal to me anymore. The bigger goal is to have a tighter stomach, regardless of what the scale says. I like being curvy. I like my hips and ass and I want to keep 'em.

Baby still got back.

Honestly, my ass is a spot that I've noticed the most dramatic difference. It's toned and firm now as opposed to all squishy-like.

According to the internet (because everything is true on the internet), the target weight for a 5'2" woman is 125 lbs.  I don't think I'll ever strive to weigh 125. It's just not important to me. I'd rather be soft, curvy, and feminine than stick thin at the weight someone else says I should weigh. Fuck that with a rusty pole. What is important to me is being healthy and toned. I don't want huge guns, but I also don't want batwings.

I didn't wind up going to get that spray tan, so y'all just gonna have to DEAL with my whity-white skin. Don't judge me by my tanlines. Or do, I don't give a shit. I've lost 61 lbs, muthafuckaaaaas.

I used to have back fat. Now I don't have back fat.
My thighs used to rub. Now my thighs don't touch.

Boom, no side boob.
You crazy if you think Ima make my bed just for you.

20 months after I made the decision to get healthy, I can rock a bikini. I'd call that a fucking WIN. I want to go to the beach this summer. I want to be in a bikini, in public, on purpose. I want to smell like coconuts and have sand in all my crevices. I can taste the boat drinks, y'all. I need a celebratory beach vacation, STAT.

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  1. Way to go! You are rocking that bikini!

  2. You ROCK! I'm beginning my journey to lose 100 lbs. Maybe my goal next year will be to get into a bikini. You're such an inspiration!!

  3. Operation MILF: Wonder Woman status.

  4. Look at you all hawt and shit. You are most definitely a MILF and you deserve it! Losing weight and getting healthy is some hard shit.

  5. You rock my face off Meg!
    You look effing AMAZEBALLS!!!

  6. I've been following on Instagram for a while, but I'm just now making it to the blog for some reason and I can't wait to click around and learn more about you. You look amazing in that bikini! Also, maybe a bit inappropriate, but I'm so jealous of your ass in those jeans!

  7. You are SUCH an inspiration. I'm so glad I found you and have been following you since I started my journey. :) Thank you, for YOU! :)

  8. Eff YEAH! Rock that bikini at the beach this year. You look amazing! Great Job!

  9. You look so awesome!! Congrats!! You've done well, such an inspiration!! I like that you want to keep your curves, and still look feminine!

  10. YOU GO GIIIIIRRRRRLLL! You look amazing and are making me really want to get my afternoon workout going! Great job!

  11. Way to go girl!! Hot, hot, hot!! Anyone special move to get rid of the back fat, lol???

  12. You look fantabulous and the bikini is super cute!! You have done a fantastic job! YAY!!! :D


  13. What an inspiration!!! YOU ROCK!!! It looks fantastic!

  14. Wow! You look so great! I aspire to get to bikini status! Way to be!

  15. You look fabulous in that bikini and you don't even need the spray tan! Summer cannot get here fast enough. Hopefully, I will be rocking a bikini along with you!

  16. I'm so behind on blog reading. And I already cheered you on via Insta. However, I need to tell you again what an amazing inspiration you are! Way to go, I know this is just the beginning for you =)


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