A change of pace

I've been hitting my ab workouts hard this month. I worked so hard to fit into my Wonder Woman swimsuit, and now I want to not jiggle when I'm in it. 

Here's the thing, the workout I signed up for is reallyfuckinghard. (Twss) I still can't fully complete it, and I've done it at least 20 out of the last 30 days. I've definitely noticed an improvement though, and I'm gonna keep at it until I can do the whole thing like a boss. It pisses me off that I can't hang.

Hey, cool. The workout totally gave me a little tan, too.

Progress pictures make all the difference, I wish I would have taken them along my whole journey. Side note: I weigh 139 in both of those pictures. I was gonna call it a plateau, but really it just goes to show that the scale isn't the end all be all. (I'm ready for that number to change, though. I mean come on, whose leg do I have to hump for a dry martini to get the scale to budge just a little?)

Time to mix it up.

Running has lost it's charm a little bit now that it's hot as balls outside. What now? Boxing looks fun. Maybe swimming. Crossfit? (For some reason crossfit scares the shit out of me.) I'm definitely down for some yoga. Maybe I want to do a motherfucking sprint triathlon. Fuck yeah, I do. Let's do this.

But first I'm gonna do a cleanse. Start fresh. A personal trainer friend of mine said recently, "What good is putting clean water into a dirty glass?" Good point. I'm gonna clean my glass. 

But which cleanse do I do? Fuck if I know. I'm not an expert. I googled it and mostly got websites trying to sell me some kind of supplement or "system" (whatever the fuck that means) and finally found a 3 day cleanse that seems manageable and nutritious. I'm gonna start Sunday if anyone wants to cleanse like a motherfucker with me.


  1. Eating clean is a cleanse in itself. Not sure I buy into the "dirty glass" thing. Your body has a way of naturally cleaning itself out, so by eating clean you are cleaning up your body. Not knocking you for trying, gurl, definitely not doing that. Just mah two cents!

  2. Good luck on your cleanse lady! You are looking spectacular! I am in the same boat and need to switch it up! I am looking to drop some serious weight in July and August!! :) xoxoxo

  3. I've had success with a green smoothie cleanse and the advocare cleanse but both were 10 days and that sucked ass. I mean, do you know how hard it is to only drink fucking green smoothies on the weekend?

    Oh and you should totally try crossfit! They won't kill you right away and will scale the workout to fit your abilities. We have people of all ages and sizes at our box and the bonus is you get to see cute boys everyday, with their shirts off. Holla!

  4. i keep hearing all this great stuff about cleanses, but i'm just not quite sold. please post a review of your cleanse when you're done!

  5. Crossfit scares the shit out of me too. I also hear it's expensive. I kinda want to try P90X but it also scares the shit out of me.

    1. I pay $100/month for unlimited access. I attend 6-7 days a week and basically get a personal trainer, for an hour, each time. Pretty good deal, I think!

  6. I have been thinking about doing a cleanse, too. Great results from the ab workout!

  7. I heard getting food poisoning helps cleanse your body if you know what I mean....

  8. Even if you haven't been able to get through the whole workout you can definitely see a difference! That's awesome! Crossfit scares the shit out of me as well but I still keep thinking I should try it...I dunno if I can handle it yet, maybe when I drop a little more weight...Good luck on your cleanse, at least it's only 3 days. 3 days are far more manageable than 10 days. I tried the Advocare cleanse and failed miserably after the first three days, haha...

    Kaelyn @ Mommyrunningcrazy.com

  9. Way to go! There is certainly a difference, and I know how hard you've been working. Also, this heat wave sucks balls. I HATE IT. So miserable, how in the world do people stay motivated when it's like this? I usually go towards bike riding when it gets this hot, because you don't notice the heat so much.

  10. I have a lot of friends who Crossfit, and they love it. I have a friend who started from the bottom and said they do a great job modifying to accommodate all fitness levels. The only the things I'm weary of are getting to class in the set times and the financial commitment. Everyone I know pays in the $200/month range, and I don't know if I'm willing to commit that much for this ish!

  11. You comment about Holly looking sexual made me spit tea out on my laptop!! Love it lady and you look awesome!


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