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Ever since I quite my mega-gym, I've missed going to classes. I loved yoga something fierce and I liked kickboxing because it made me feel like a BAMF after I got over the initial fear of my ass jiggling in front of all those people. I was too chickenshit to try zumba (because ass jiggles). It figures that now that I have less ass, I also have less class. GET IT?! Because I don't have any classes to go to. What's that? I'm hilarious? I know.

So after not yoga-ing for months, later this summer I'm going on a yoga retreat with my friend. Namaste, betch.

I quit my mega-gym because my office has a gym that I can go to over lunch. Convenience, muthafucka. Now I have no excuse to skip a workout. You gotta do what works for you.

But I still miss yoga. 

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  1. Yoga is one of my favorites. That yoga retreat sounds amazing, I hope you love it!


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