I'm a regular person that was fat and now is not so fat. I made shit up as I went along and I have normal feelings toward exercise (sometimes I'm NOT INTERESTED) and cake (always delicious), but I power through because I ultimately know that exercise is good for me and cake is bad for me, and now my bathing suits from then and now tell the story.

That said, sometimes going to the gym blows. The machines are taken, somebody left ass sweat all over the mat, your routine gets boring, etc - not to mention the times when you just can't stir up the motivation to get your ass up and at 'em. I know this because I'm right there with you. I'm a normal girl, not a superhero (I wish).

But then if you don't go, you feel all guilty. Ugh, fucking conscience.

That's why you fit in exercise into your every day life. That's why you take the stairs instead of the elevator, especially if you're only going one floor up. That's why you don't circle the parking lot 6 times for a front row parking spot. You'll start to feel better as you get in shape. You'll be happier. I am.

I try to stay fairly active in my every day life. I play soccer once a week for funsies. My almost-two-year old and I wrestle. We go for walks. I chase him all around the house. We run up and down the stairs. I still work out 5-6 times a week, but on those days when I'm just not feeling it, at least I don't feel so guilty.

I've always wanted to live close enough to my job to walk or bike there, but that's never been feasible for me. A friend of mine that lives in NY (she's basically Sarah Jessica Parker) has a fold up bike. She huffs it to and from work and keeps her bike at her desk. 

Coolest thing ever, right? That's what I'm tryna tell you, fit your exercise in to your daily routine and you don't have to worry about ass sweat at the gym. Yours or otherwise.

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  2. When the gym sucks you can just come on over to TimBOB's WOD and try it out. There will be no boring routines, but most definitely ass sweat.

    That didn't sound dirty at all, did it...

  3. "I'm a normal girl, not a superhero"...your bathing suit says otherwise :) Wait, you're not supposed to circle the parking lot 6 times until someone finally leaves close to the front?? I'm still very guilty of that one!

  4. You get it girl. I love that teeny Wonder Woman bikini and it is awesome that you are rocking it now.

  5. What's really bad is curcling the GYM parking lot....

  6. Words to live by! My New Years Resolution was basically this post. I didn't take an elevator starting January 1st and I work on the 8th floor. I walked up 8 flights once, many times twice a day. It SUCKED some days (hangovers) but on days I couldn't make it to the gym, it was like okay well I already walked up 16 flights of stairs at work.

    Granted, I abandoned this endeavor in mid April because nobody likes the guy sweating his balls off and panting like a hooker in July in the strategy meeting. But I still live my life this way in general and if it's 5 flights or less I always stair it. I'm glad I abandoned it, too, because I just found out we're moving to a bigger office on the 13th floor in September. Eff all that noise.

  7. This post was written for me. Thank you! ;) I'm back on track today!

  8. I love the side-by-side bathing suit! Progress is beautiful! No truer words have been spoken than "ass sweat at the gym." There be some nasty, trashy mofos there today. Clean ur shit up. For real.

  9. I like to ride my bike to work when I have some extra time. It's 12.5 miles each way, so it's a big commitment, but I generally feel far more accomplished on those days. Much more entertaining than going to the gym!

  10. I love your post. I was rocking this type of active out...until new job. Now I am WAY sedentary...first floor time for a lunch now I am going to have to brave the ass sweat! lol


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