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Here's the thing. Ryan Gosling is fine. Not fine as in foooooooooooooooin, but fine as in, he's okay. I'm sure he's nice and intelligent and cool (or maybe not, whatever), but if we're objectifying good looking famous people (which we are, in this case), then he's not in my top ten.

Who's in my top ten? I'm so glad you asked. In no particular order, my top ten "yesses" and what I'd like them to say to me before I "yes" them:

And you took all of the calories out? You're the best, Gordon.

I always get shit for Gordon Ramsay, but that hair, y'all. Plus he can cook. And he does triathlons. Yep, I'm on board.

Chris Pine's Captain Kirk

No, but for real. I love stargazing. And Captain Kirk. I love a man in uniform.

Every little bit helps, right Neville?

Uh, who had Neville as the hottest Gryffindor? I sure didn't. I do now.

Well okay, if you insist Indy/Han.

I'm pretty sure I'd pass out if anyone said that to me. And holy shitballs, those eyes.

Andrew Garfield
Are you going to shoot your web at me?
That took a gross turn, sorry.

I really do have Spider-Man undies. (And Superman.) (And Wonder Woman.) Don't even act surprised.

Adam Levine, duh

Now that he's dating another rail-thin supermodel, I'm less interested. Just kidding, as long as he keeps taking off his shirt, he will always be on the list.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender

Maybe I can be in a mutant sandwich later. We can Instagram it. #mutantandproud

David Tennant as The Doctor

I don't care what anyone says, Ten was the best Doctor. I'd be his companion any day of the week.

I accept. 

Thor. Or Loki. Or Thor and Loki.

Y'all can have Christian Grey. Give me a superhero/good guy protagonist with a great head of hair and I'm good. Happy Hump Day!


  1. James McAvoy is and always will be in my top 5. I love him so hard!

  2. The lifeguard at my n'hood pool looks like Thor. I'm not even lying. Last year he had the long hair and everything. I think he's only like 21 but I'd take that boy home and teach him a thing or two.

    And? He's sweet and funny and jumps in the pool to play with my girls. I'm talking those ridiculous pool games that kids play. He has fun with them, throws them in the air and everything. *swoon*

  3. Oh my gosh...Neville Longbottom. Where did that come from?? I'd let him alohomora my pants any day!! Can't lie, I'm a sucker for Ron too. Yes, yes, yes to Adam Levine as well. He's probably a real douche, but I bet he's great in bed!

  4. Solid top 10, but you obviously already know that :)

  5. I love Michael Fassbender.
    Who the fuck is David Tennant.
    How did the new Superman not make this list? When I think of my ultimate goal for where I want to get my body, he would be it. Bastard.

    Okay ladies, there's my overly gay commentary for the week. Carry on.

  6. I love your list! It's a good one. Adam Levine is one of my faves. I had row 6 seats and pictures do not do that man justice!

  7. Best list EVER...although I will pass on Gordon Ramsey...But I'm totally with out on the super hero thing...hooooot...and I would DEFINITELY include the new Superman on this list too...I had to go change my panties after seeing that movie...yum...

  8. I totally agree with Gordan! Love him!

  9. Amen! I co-sign Gordon Ramsay (bad boy, can cook, hott) and mosy of the list.

    No to Adam though. I don't know why, just doesn't do it for me. Kirk, yes. Neville, yes. Indy, yes yes yes. But my #1 here is Thor!

    Hot viking otherworld blondness! Holla back hottie!

  10. Yes. YES. YES!! Add Jimmy Fallon to the list for a funny, awkward feel up session, and I would be a happy lady.

  11. I'm totally with you on Gordon Ramsay.

    He may be old enough to be my dad, but that's fine. His accent and hilariousness is enough to send me over the edge.


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