I just blue myself.

My friends are the shit and I don't think I tell them that enough. If you're reading this and I'm lucky enough to call you my friend - just know that I think you're the shit. Top notch. A+. Gold stars all around. Except you, Collin. You're just okay.

If you've never seen Arrested Development, I'm sorry that you won't get any of the jokes in this post. You also probably think it's weird that my weight-loss tab is called "Operation: Hot Mother". It's an Arrested Development reference. The more you know.

I hosted a game night on Saturday - that's my kind of drankin' right there. I don't want to go to a club with a ton of bitchass people and/or pay $10/drink. Let's all chill at someone's house and laugh at each other and play games. Laughter is only allowed for 90 seconds at a time though, according to "Would You Rather", but we're motherfucking RULE-BREAKERS.

Welcome to Texas.
We also had unlimited "juice".

Vodka + blue gatorade + a little sprite = "juice". The party was off the chain. Look at banner, Michael!

We all had nametags. Mine was "Nevernude" because I had jean shorts on.

I had planned on making frozen bananas, but then I didn't so I wore my Bluth's frozen banana shirt instead. Totally counts. My frand, Angela, was responsible for the nametags, cornballer and "family love @nerkymeg" banner, because she's hilarious and amazeballs. We both contributed dead doves and candy beans. Great minds think alike.

Laura's "Kitty" kept falling off (heh), so we put it on my dog.
And that's Collin.

Half of the people there hadn't seen the show, so they didn't get all of the (hilarious) jokes, like the notes I left everywhere or the nametags or the banner or whythefuck we kept saying the juice was unlimited. 

The mere fact that you call it that tells me you're not ready.

Hey, what should the activity be at an Arrested Development party? Watching the show, of course. Playing Cards Against Humanity, of course. It's billed as the party game for horrible people. Dare I say my cup of tea?

We laughed for WAY longer than 90 seconds at this one.

You can buy the game or download it for free and print it out yourself. You can also make up your OWN cards by using their blank template. Challege accepted.

Arrested Development party where we didn't actually watch the show and also invited people who had never seen it = success. I'm pretty much a winner at parties.


  1. I JUST started watching on Netflix; so I don't get any of the jokes yet-but I really like it!

  2. Please tell me there was some form of chicken dancing. Please.

  3. Cards Against Humanity is the BEST.GAME.EVER!

  4. next party play Things...it is a board game (got mine at walmart or target?) it is a total blast!!! Laughter non-stop with the right group of people!

  5. I love Arrested Development! My husband made me watch it when we started dating. This party looks like a blast. I need one of those shirts. My husband has one with the banana stand and the back says "Mr. Manager"


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