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A couple of days ago in my get-up-off-yo-ass daily email I detailed my arm workout. (Email me at meg(at)nerkyblog(dot)com if you want my flavor of daily motivation), and I got several replies asking about my leg and ass workout. Ask and you shall receive, betches.

Sometimes I don't want to parade around half naked on the internet, okay?
You can still see dat ass.

I love having an ass, but since I stopped running longer distances (yo dawg, it's hot as balls outside) - nothing over 4 miles in the past month or so - I've noticed that my ass has gotten a little less firm awesome. I've been focusing more on dat ass for a week or two, and these are the exercises I do (without machines):

My ass is pretty much on fire afterwards. I'm not an expert, this is just what I do. Sidenote: I love burpees. They're such an awesome full body workout, and they hurt so good.

I think running helped ass-tone because of all the godforsaken hills in my neck of the woods. I thought Texas was supposed to be flat? It is most definitely not. Great ass workout, not to mention super-sexy-sweat-fest.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

Something else I do at home - run up and down my stairs. Sometimes I can't get out for a run, so I make do with what I have.

Pro tip: Do you need immediate ass enhancement? Wear heels. They make your legs look all hot and your ass all perky-like.

But it's America! We need more! Faster! With no work! I hear you, try this:

You're welcome.


  1. Hahaha. Your booty, booty, booty, botty rockin' everywhere workout looks like a beast. Also, my SIL is trying to get me to do this half in November... so of course, I'm going to try to convince you it's worth coming to with us ;).

  2. 'Merica for the win!

    I love to hate burpees. They make me wanna puke. We had to do 8 burpees, every minute on the minute, for 8 minutes the other night. That's 64 burpees just in case you suck at multiplication. :D Ouchie. That was AFTER a brutal workout.

  3. bwahahahahahahahaha!

    I. HATE. BURPEES. Maybe one day when I get better I will love to hate them! :)

  4. squats and lunges will get you there!

  5. I am willing to donate some of my ginormous ass to anyone who is interested. Bonus side of shelf hips! 2-for-1 special!


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