Bitchin' birthday bonanza

I'm a grown ass woman who had a Harry Potter themed costume birthday party this weekend, because why not? LIGAF, y'all. It was pretty magical. (See what I did there?)

In the past year or so, I've developed a "fuck yeah, let's do it!" attitude toward new things and life in general. Losing weight and running has been the catalyst for that. (Probably also getting divorced 'lil bit.) I don't feel trapped by my body anymore and I want to go out and have new experiences. Make memories. Do fun things. Live life to the fullest. YOLO. Life is too short and precious to put things off. 

So why not have a Harry Potter costume party? Any excuse to have my best bitches over for food, fun and laughter is my kind of night. We love a good theme party.

We're quidditch naturals.
Something I'm not an expert in? Keeping my grass alive.

My friends are the shit. I pretty much can't say that enough. They had some bitchin' costumes, even Robin who hasn't read any of the books or seen any of the movies.

My cousin, Jenny, won the night by showing us this broom trick:

It's standing upright on it's own.
Professor Quirrell is totally magicking it.

Big time shout outs to Angela for planning and executing ALL the things, Ashley for making butterbeer like a boss and Bobby for bringing Expecto PATRONum, because is it really a party if there aren't tequila shots? I think not.

I finally got accepted to Hogwarts, y'all.

Lessons I Learned: 

1 - Quidditch Pong is really fucking hard and not for the faint of heart. How the hell are you supposed to get a ping pong ball through those hoops when you're half in the bag already? 

We gave up and played regular beer pong.
And now we're in a fraternity.

2 - PBR isn't terrible, but it's also not awesome. I don't get why it's hot shit among hipsters. Maybe I'm being obtuse or I lack integrity. Whatev.

3 - I really think that if I were constantly slightly buzzed I would handle everything better and be way less awkward. I think it's time for some science to prove this theory. (Says the alcoholic.)

And all of this is why I eat healthily all the time and workout regularly - so that I can have nights like this one where I drinkdrankdrunk and don't have to feel guilty. I lost weight this weekend, y'all. Fuck yeah, happy birthday week to Nerky Meg.


  1. I love this! You've never too old for Harry Potter! Looks like it was an awesome party!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday!

  3. You already know how I feel about this. Happy bloody birthday, Nerk!

  4. It sounds like it was even more fun than I expected it would be... and I expected it would be an utter blast. Congratulations on your acceptance into Hogwarts!

    Also, rock that birthday week!

  5. I'm pretty sure I got a mild concussion from you challenging me to do handstand pushups or whatever they're called. It's not a party until my skull crashes into some tile. Good times.

  6. Happy Birthday Week - glad you enjoyed it!!

  7. Happy birthday week! I love a theme party.

  8. Best. Birthday. Party. Ever!!!


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