Something entirely unrelated to food cravings: Comicon happened last weekend and my Twitter feed was all awesome because of it and I want to go real bad even though it's all long lines and pale, sweaty nerds. Those are my people.


Sometimes you NEEDAFUCKINGPIECEOFCAKERIGHTNOW. And those are the times when you should eat some cake.

However, most of the time you can work around cravings. Side note: You don't KNOW cravings until you've been pregnant. I would have killed a man for pineapple when I was with child, and I'm pretty sure if a female cop was at the crime scene, she would have let me go. It's the code.

Every month, for, um, about 4-6 days, I want a goddamn cookie and some ice cream and cake and all the chocolate. ALL the chocolate. Constantly. What the fuck, hormones?

How I handle cravings:

- Drink a ton of water. Not a sip, an entire cup. At least. It helps if it's room temperature.

- Chew gum. Sometimes I chew the dessert flavored ones because they're sweeter.

Still craving? Try something healthy-ish that's similar. For me, my struggle is with sweets. I'll have some chocolate almond butter with an apple. Maybe some honey on an avocado. 

Here's the thing.

There's not a good, healthy substitute for baked noms. I never get sugar free baked goods, because what's the point? They don't taste the same and leave me unsatisfied (that's not the first time I've said that, heyo!) and artificial sweeteners are hella terrible for you. So if you need a damn cookie, then have a damn cookie. Just one, it's all about moderation. That's why you eat healthily the rest of the time.

A delicious solution for a late night chocolate craving.


  1. There's nothing like the real thing. Hey, Sunday, I had a day like that where all I wanted was to gorge on whatever contained sugar (and, yes, I did). I woke up the next morning and figured out why...oh, the joys of not being pregnant this month!

  2. Molly AnnnnnnnnnnJuly 25, 2013 at 12:36 PM

    I am totally with you on drinking water first. If I'm having a sweets craving, I make myself reach for cherry water first. *But* if it is a must have chocolate or will get unduly nasty/unhappy craving: chocolate reddi whip. 15 calories, 1 gram of fat for 2 Tablespoons. I swear by it. The whippiness of it fills you up, too :)

  3. Cravings are fat leaving the body.

  4. Gluten free noms are not real noms either. Just throwing that out there. You wish you were at Comicon like I wish I was hitting up Quidditch pong with you this weekend, but I would have had to sell an entire kidney just to make it, and you need both kidneys in order to enjoy a game like that.

  5. Nice suggestions. I have been eating some cereal with chocolate chips for fixing my sweet tooth.

  6. Nice suggestions. I have been eating some cereal with chocolate chips for fixing my sweet tooth.


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