Dig deep

Starting a couple of months ago, the Blogging Milfs (Blilfs?) in Dallas decided to get together once a month-ish for a long run around White Rock Lake. It's nine miles, unless you puss out and turn around like a chump. I met up with them last Saturday for the first time for this business. Just 9 miles, they said. It will be fun, they said.

The fact that I can run that far without a jetpack still blows my fat-girl-mind.

That's me in the blue. One of my finer moments.
Sometimes I'm the one that needs a little extra motivation.

These girls kicked my ass in the half marathon we did back in April, so I've been doing intervals lately rather than long distance running to increase my speed to keep up with them to not embarrass myself, and it's been working. I average about 9:30/mile now on short runs. (Anything under about 4 miles.) I was at 10:30-11 min/mile before. I like running with these heifers though, because they're better than me. You have to train with people that are better than you so you can push yourself. It's how you get better.

So I woke my ass up at 5:30am (on a Saturday, y'all) to meet up with Mama Laughlin, Skinny Meg and Jen-who-doesn't-blog-but-should-because-she's-hilarious. I'm nursing a hurt knee and it was 6 fucking o'clock in the morning and I was in a piss-poor mood, but when Jen rolled up with a tall nonfat one and a half pump white mocha with no whip for me, I was ready to handle it. Homegirl knows my drink.

A mile and a half in I was sucking air. It takes me about 2 miles for my autopilot to kick in, and it's pretty much the worst 20ish minutes ever. Then it kicks in and everything syncs up and it stops feeling like I'm a rusty old steam engine and feels more like I'm a well oiled machine. (Train metaphor ftw. Actually, I'm pretty sure trains don't have autopilot. Whatever, just roll with it.)

Downtown Dallas

When I started to drag, I thought about how shitty I would feel if I went all the way out there and didn't run the whole way. Every time I felt like quitting, I flipped to a new song on my ipod to give me a boost. I thought about what I would say in blog posts this week. I thought about how far I've come and how never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run even one mile, and here I am on mile 6, and I'm not even in a race. This is just for fun.

I thought my knee pain would be unbearable. I really thought I was gonna have to be the one that pussed out at mile 2. I even warned them that there was no way I was running the whole way.

And then I did it. An 8.5 mile run with a half mile cool down. I felt pretty amazeballs all day after that.

Power through the difficult patches. Dig deep and push forward. You'll feel so. much. better. about yourself when you accomplish your goal.

Skinny Meg is a fast motherfucker. She kicked all of our asses, and she's running for two.

Thank goodness we had a "cold front" come through to make the weather bearable for this nonsense. Even so, I had so much ass sweat that it was dripping off my shorts. Is that a sign of a good workout, or is that just gross? Whatever, no me juzgues.


  1. Good Job! Way to push yourself.

  2. I'm jealous of your "cold front" and your ability to pull your ass out of bed and just go. Some days it is so easy. Other days I feel like I'd rather chop off a limb!

  3. I consider 9:30 a mile to be ridiculously fast. Good for you for improving so much on your speed work!

    Also, I really look forward to the day that I think 9 miles is "just for fun". Right now it just feels like a long effing time to run.

  4. Nice Meg! I definitely would've feigned a broken leg at around 1.00 miles and hoped they don't practice "leave no MILF behind"...

  5. You did awesome! And I'm mentally kicking myself for my "your" fuck up

  6. Way to kick some major Saturday morning bootayy! That's flippin awesome!

  7. Great job pushing yourself to keep going!!

  8. Seriously you're like the roadrunner that is fast. Great job for pushing yourself in the hot Tx weather. Yikes!


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