I don't have time to work out. I make time.

I work a full time job, often more than 40 hours a week. I'm a single parent. I blog at least 4 days a week. I do weights 5 times a week and cardio 3-4. Don't give me the "I don't have time to workout" line, because it's an excuse and you're only hurting yourself by telling yourself that. You make time for the things you want to do.

Just like the other day, I was headed back to my desk from a lunch time gym sesh and 2 middle-aged women that I saw before I headed to the gym said, "65 pounds? You try to do that when you're 50!" and laughed. Bitch, don't belittle my accomplishments. That's number one. Number two, yeah your metabolism is a little slower. I'll give you that, and one day that will be my struggle too. Does that mean you give up and say "It's too difficult" or "Why bother"? NO. You're making excuses for yourself. (And your insecurity is turning you into a bully, lil bit. Don't be an ass.)

I feel pretty confident that I've heard all of the excuses. Just a handful:

"I just love eating so much!" No. You're afraid of change.

"I just hate wasting food." Then don't..? Save it for later. Take home half of your entree from restaurants.

"I can't stand the taste of water!" I have the least amount of patience for this one. Just drink it. It's not supposed to taste like fucking rainbows, but it's good for you and your body requires it. Besides, it's not like it tastes bad. It doesn't taste like anything. If you need to bridge the gap from drinking juice or cokes to drinking more water, try Mio or Crystal Light mix-ins. They give it some flavor without all of the sugar that's in juice and coke. (Although personally I steer clear of anything with artificial sweetener because it's SO bad for you. That's just me. Carry on.)

"I don't like fruits and vegetables." What are you, 5? You can't be a healthy person without eating fruits and veggies. Get at it. Carrots and hummus? FUCK YES. Bananas and almond butter? Mouthgasm. Try your fruits and veggies with healthy sauces or dips to make them taste better to you.

"I don't have time." Ima call bullshit on this. If it's important to you, you'll make time.

"I don't know how to use the machines at the gym." You can get a GREAT workout from using exactly zero machines. Burpees and jumping jacks are great cardio. Push-ups. Sit-ups. Squats. Lunges. Wall sits. Crunches. Reverse crunches. You get the idea. 

"I'm too fat to workout." Uh, what? Get outta here, you're not ready.

"I don't have enough money to eat healthy food." Bro. BRO. Yes you do. It's not like you have to buy all organic all the time, just substitute fresh fruits and veggies and ground turkey for frozen dinners and cheetos. Stop buying cokes (that's all soda-pop in case you don't speak Texan) and start buying multivitamins. Put DOWN the Little Debbie's, mkay?

Do these sound like you? Maybe at some point in the past? I know for sure I've said "I can't afford to eat healthy food" and "I just love to eat" before. I was wrong on both accounts. 

Stop making excuses for yourself and start making changes.


  1. lol about water not tasting like rainbows....I never understand how people can NOT drink water. It's like how the eff are you not dead yet?! How the HECK are you not at least dying of thirst? I go one day without drinking my usual amount of water, and I'm so thirsty by the end of the day. I don't get it.

    The fruit and veggie combos you mentioned? HECK YES. People who have not tried hummus because they (cue whiny voice) "think chickpeas are grosssss" have not freakin' lived. That shit is pure deliciousness. Mmm.

    1. I totally agree! I know I drink an abnormal amount of water so I thought maybe I was the weird one but people who genuinely don't drink ANY water, how do you live!? They can't feel good, right?

  2. My husband always says, "I wish I liked fruits and vegetables. Then I could lose weight too." I always have to refrain from slapping the shit out of him when I hear that nonsense.

  3. Thanks for the kick in the ass!!! I so needed this today.

    So, serious question. When you work out at lunch, how do you not smell the rest of the day? Do you take a full shower and get ready all over, or is there a different trick?

    My fat ass is actually driving to WW today. I am ready to make the change! I am so sick of being fat!!!

  4. I just love you.

    That is all.

    Awesome post

  5. I think EVERY one of these things all the time. One lady here at work(older and pretty heavy) ALWAYS says "I don't have time to exercise." Makes my blood boil. Kids are grown and out of the house....EXCUSES!

    I really would love to know if you said anything back to those ladies in your office!!

  6. LOVE THIS! Thank you so much!!!

  7. So freakin' true. I have zero- no, NEGATIVE sympathy for people and their lame ass excuses. What are the kids saying nowadays? Excuses are like tampons? Or buttholes? I forget, but it's true.

    I work full time, go to grad school full time, kayak fish full time, social media full time, am building a website... and I still hit the gym 5 days a week. You know why? Because #armmuscles are important to me. I cancelled my cable so I'm not even tempted to sit on my ass instead of going to the gym. Anyone that thinks all 24 hours of their day are occupied and they just CANNOT fit in a quick workout is delusional and needs to get over themselves. Nobody is THAT busy or important.

    Get off your ass, or watch it grow. Up to you!

  8. I hear SO many excuses from people I know (my husband especially) about why they can't workout or eat better. I used a few myself in the past, and truth be told there are days I still have em. But EVERYDAY I am doing something to become healthier no matter what. If I just honestly don't want to workout (which is rare) I make sure I eat as healthy as possilbe. And as far as water goes I agree with everyone else- how are these people not dead?! It's water for crying out loud! Water! It isn't supposed to taste "good", whatever that means. Geesh. I just mentally roll my eyes at these excuses and continue to offer encouragement and support to my friends and family, with the occasional "get over yourself" thrown in for good measure!

  9. I so needed this today.....THANK YOU!!!

  10. I have zero tolerance for excuses. I'm not saying that there aren't times that I'm totally off my game (like now), but I don't make excuses for it. It's a choice and totally my fault. Not because I "don't have time", or "it's too hot", or "bullshit, bullshit, bullshit". And the water thing...please...put down the coke and drink the water. Easy! That comment from homegirl at your office just made me angry for you!

  11. Yes. Just, yes. To all of this. Preach it from the mountaintops (or the top of the water tower in the case of TX), sister. Every word is spot on. LOVE.

  12. Yep. I have used a lot of these.....IN THE PAST! Not anymore!! :) Love this!

  13. BRO! Just like that, you just told everyone to shut the fuck up. Bam!

  14. I hear ya girl! I work full time, single mom to 2 girls who are active with cheer, softball, basketball, etc and I find time to work out 5-6 days a week. Time and money are the biggest excuses, I hear. People are shocked when they hear I spend $100/month doing crossfit and can't even fathom it but you know those bitches don't bat an eyelash at ginormous cell phone bills or eating out 2-3 days a week. Crossfit is a priority for me, so I fit it in financially as well as into my schedule. It's hard work looking this fucking amazing. ;)

  15. The fruit and veggie thing! YES! I was not raised eating veggies and when I made the decision as an adult to eat them I literally hated every bite but I gagged down my 5+ serving a day with several glasses of water. Then magically one day I loved vegetables and I learned interesting ways to cook them. I have a friend whose husband will not eat veggies, he told me he just didn't like them. I told him to grow up and grow a pair and learn to like them or he was going to get scurvy and die!

  16. I LOVE this post. Seriously. Spot on. And, I need these said to me on a regular basis. I think we all do. Especially if we're maintaining.


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