Frisky Friday: Men in Uniform

There is something about a man in uniform. I'm into it. It brings back chivalry and old-fashioned notions to dating and relationships. Yes, I want you to open the door for me. Yes, you should ask me out. (Yes, I want to rip that uniform off of you.) 

Let's go ahead define "uniform", though. 

I'm talking military, police, firefighter, (captain of a starship), etc. A uniform like that symbolizes stability, integrity, and manliness, just like I like. A man in uniform knows how to treat a lady.

He probably learned his good manners from his mom, I'm guessing. 

Happy Independence Day (yesterday). y'all! 'MERICA.


  1. Totally true. Seeing my husband in his fire suit (for racing) always gets me excited. So manly! :)

  2. Omg, I swear you read my fucking mind on a daily basis. I am going on date number 2 with a guy who is a flight medic. Dude is an EMT who rides in a fucking helicopter looking all Top Gun-ish and shit. I wanna do it while he's still wearing the uniform.


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