Long story short: Detoxing isn't my bag. I eat pretty clean for the most part, with the occasional bowl of ice cream or (entire) bottle of wine. (I wouldn't want to waste it.) As far as my diet goes, detoxing mostly just pisses me off. I want the occasional pizza and/or cookie. That's why I eat healthy food the rest of the time.

I went on a 2 day yoga/detox retreat this weekend. I thought it was going to be crunchfest 2013, and it only kind of was.

We did detoxing yoga in the mornings and evenings, which is basically a bunch of stretching. (If you're wondering if I can put my ankles behind my ears, I'm not telling. Okay, yes. Just kidding. Maybe.) We ate clean food that was prepared for us for every meal. It was actually quite delicious, and I'm stoked about her sending us the recipes. Too bad our host wasn't a man who cooked with his shirt off, or else I may have never left.

It was quaint and pleasant for the most part, even though my friend and I were the misfits with our smuggled wine and foul mouths. Whatever, that's how we roll. She actually smuggled in our (first bottle of) wine, and I'm so mad at myself for not thinking of that. Get it together, Nerky. SHIT.

The 70ish year old Walmart cashier asked us if we were gonna play wine pong, and we were all "Pshhhh...yes..."
If by "wine pong" you mean drink this wine now, and play Quidditch pong at a party next weekend.

HERE'S the thing. I wasn't down with laying around in a cabin all day. All I could think about was the shit I needed to get done and how much better I could have been spending my time. (It's just a 2 hour drive. I can get home, paint my bathroom, and get back by dinner. Totes.) I don't usually have that problem on vacations, but I think the issue was that I was so close to home.

It was pretty gorgeous out there, not gonna lie. I went on my first trail run, as they call it. The whole time we were there, our host kept saying "do what's best for your body". Running is best for my body.

Also the stars were pretty. I love stargazing. It's too bright in the 'burbs, so it's nice to go to BFE every now and then to be humbled by how small we are in the universe.

I like yoga. For me, it's a great supplement to my regular workout. It's not something I would use as my daily workout, but I do find it relaxing and it's fantastic for improving balance. Rock that triangle. Be a muhfuckin' warrior. Or a tree. Or a cat. I just prefer to stick to it once a week, max. For the rest of my workouts I want to listen to music and pump some iron. PUMP IT.

Namaste, y'all.


  1. Lol you little rebel!!! That's how I would be too. I can only namaste for a little but before my mind and body needs it's dose of some rap or house music. Lol

  2. Have you tried the new Barefoot Refresh? PERFECT summer sipping wine.... also perfect for drinking too much of it and nursing a hangover the next day...

  3. That retreat sounds like my kind of weekend, smuggled wine included. :)

  4. What is Quidditch Pong??? It sounds epic and wonderful. Weekends like that drive me insane. I like to be doing things, and just hanging out feels... wasteful. It sure looks like it was a gorgeous place, though!


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