Perfection is overrated

Imperfections are sexy, right?

So it's sexy when I don't plan ahead and I eat a baggie full of leftover bacon for lunch? (No lie, this happened yesterday. I should have Instagram'd the shame. It was a lot of bacon.)

I'm not perfect. I don't always get it right. I could just give up and say, "Oh well, I already messed up, might as well eat an entire pizza for dinner," and treat it like a "cheat day", right? 

NO. How you gonna go from being hella fat to a skinny betch with that mindset? I don't do cheat days. I eat healthily all the time, that way when I want a muthafuckin' cupcake (or a shitton of bacon), I can eat a muthafuckin' cupcake (or a shitton of bacon). I know what you're thinking: Damn, that Nerky Meg is a wild stallion that cannot be tamed. 

And you're right.

Now. Make the change now. Fix it now

Get back on track at your next meal, not the next day. I may have had bacon for lunch (Who even has a baggie full of bacon in their fridge? Whatever, no me juzgues.), but I had a super veggie explosion extravaganza salad for dinner and a banana for dessert. Plus, my snacks throughout the day were healthy: coconut banana spinach smoothie for breakfast, rice cakes and almonds for morning snack, fresh pineapple in the afternoon and yogurt and granola with my bacon at lunch.

I put my smoothie in an opaque bottle, because while it tastes delicious, it doesn't look like it tastes delicious.
I know you're jelly of my Avengers bottle. You don't have to tell me.

What else makes me imperfect sexy? I get impatient when people don't drive with purpose at rush hour. I'm pretty much always running 10 minutes late. I'm a terrible singer. What makes you sexy?


  1. A baggie full of bacon sounds pretty perfect to me! Another terrible singer here (though I sound AWESOME in the car by myself) and I'm also always late :/

  2. My friend was cooking bacon last night while I was at her house and I wanted to eat all of it. I can not judge anyone's diet downfalls. I am very impressed by your ability to turn it right around for dinner, though! Way to go!

    Sidenote: My family is registering for Shiner beer run this week. You should come do it with us. They have the 5k after all... Even though the cool kids are all gonna be on the half course ;)

  3. One of the best pieces of advice you can give. So many people have that mindset of "well I screwed up, might as well just give up today" which I used to also. I think changing that was a HUGE milestone for me. Got to get right back up on that horse and ride it (twss) or you're just digging a bigger hole to climb out of. Good shit Meg.

    I don't blame you at all. Because, bacon. I mean it doesn't sound so bad on paper - high protein low carb?

  4. Sometimes I use my fingers as a spoon in the Nutella jar...

  5. I was PMS'ing SO BAD yesterday that I was digging through my kitchen looking for anything that wasn't veggies or fruit and ended up eating half of a key lime pie before I got a grip...oops...back on track today though...I hope...One of the things that makes me "sexy" is I have ADD like a mofo and I can't focus on any one thing for more than 30 minutes I'm always drives my husband nuts but I know that he secretly loves it...haha!

  6. I have never eaten a baggie of leftover bacon. That is a contradiction. LEFTOVER? C'mon. Who doesn't eat ALL THE BACON? So if imperfection is sexy, Brad Pitt just got bumped of the cover of People Magazine. I eat ALL THE BACON. That's why I can only have it in Guacamole with Bleu Cheese and only twice a year.

    While we're on bacon, I don't get down with that feathery, I really wanna be bacon but I'm just pressed turkey parts mess. It's gotta be cut off a pig, coated in pepper and slathered in maple center cut stuff. If I'm gonna be bad, and only twice a year, I'm gonna test my heart.

  7. umm yeah my bacon "leftovers" totally go in a ziplock baggie!

  8. There are times when I put min chocolate chips in my hand and a spoonful of PB in my mouth.....wait...what!? Did I just say that?? Yeah..........

  9. I'm always late. Makes my hubby crazy. And I have mad road rage. I cannot stand sitting in traffic AT ALL. No me juzgues. LMFAO!


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