A'in some Q's

First, an update on "Gaston" the Gecko, as he has a name and I should use it. 

He has evacuated the premises and is currently nomming some spiders in the yard. All is right in the world.

I have apparently not let my geek flag fly enough because 95% of your questions are nerky. Stay tuned for a post on why the Avengers are better than the Justice League. (Just kidding, they both have their weak links. I'm looking at you, Hawkeye and Aquaman.)

What do you think of the new Doctor?
In case you don't use social media at all, Peter Capaldi was announced as the new Doctor for Doctor Who. I'm ambivalent. Ten will always be my favorite, no matter how good of a head of hair eleven has. We'll just have to see about twelve.

Which running shoes do you prefer?
Brooks always and forever. I'll never buy another brand of running shoe. I just bought the Brooks Ghost 6 and I'm pumped to get a long run in on Saturday to break them in.

I also got my first Spibelt. STOKED ABOUT THE GEAR, Y'ALL.

A good pair of running shoes isn't cheap, but it's totally worth it.

Which Harry Potter was your fave? If you were a character, which would you be?
The Deathly Hallows was my favorite book. Everything tied together so well. The Order of the Phoenix was my favorite movie. The cinematography was awesome, especially in the Ministry of Magic.

I would be Luna Lovegood. She's weird and crunchy and brave and cute and she doesn't give two shits what people think about her. I like it.

If you could be any super villain, who would you be and why?
Oh SNAP. This is the hardest question on the list! I think I would make a hilarious General Zod, because I'm tiny and blonde and awkward and giggly and he's this angry, powerful warlord. 

No, but for realsies, I would be Magneto. There's so much untapped creativity with magnetic fields. 

[Shawty] heels at work: good idea or best idea?
hahaha, best idea? I get how they can be distracting, because they makes your legs and ass look BANGIN', but they are also cute and I'm 5'2". I need height-help. Even with my heels, I'm still the shortest one in my office. Neat.

Is that really how you talk?

But seriously, isn't it weird to hear bloggers talk? The first time I heard FatChick2FitChick and TimBob's sweet southern drawl, I was shocked and I giggled and I played their videos over and over. (It's not weird.) Also, I thought HubbyJack would sound more, how should I put this, manly. You win some you lose some, I guess.

I need to know what YOU thought of the Lost ending.
Total shit. JJ Abrams really dropped the ball. Is there anybody that thought it was a great ending? At least he redeemed himself with the recent 2 Star Trek movies.

How on earth do you work out during lunch and still look great the rest of the day?
"Great" might be overselling it. I look acceptable the rest of the day. Here is a before and after of my bun from yesterday:

It's a little raggedy "after", but still acceptable. If my hair is down when I go to work out, it winds up in a ponytail for the rest of the day. I try to make it a cute ponytail, at least.

I keep hairspray, deodorant, body spray and a brush in my desk at work (also gum, floss and a bracelet to cover my wrist tattoo, if you're being nosy). At any given time, I have approximately 57 bobby pins, a powder compact and 6 lip glosses in my purse. 

After I workout, I wipe off all of my sweat with my workout shirt, get bare-ass naked in the locker room to cool off, and then get dressed in my bidness casual again. I put on more deodorant and body spray, then I do whatever I need to with my hair. Powder on my face for the shine, lip gloss, and BAM. Acceptable.

Would the sorting hat really put you in Gryffindor?
Duh. I have heart.

What else is on the Nerky Bucket List?
I made a tab for it at the top of the blog. I just created the bucket list about a week ago, you should make one too!

Who is your favorite Avenger, and why?
Iron Man. Tony Stark is smart, funny and he's got swagger. You know I'm into that sort of thing. The smart and funny thing. Swagger is negotiable. "I am Iron Man" is probably the best pick up line ever.

My LEAST favorite Avenger is Captain America. He's just so lame.

For a single mom, you DO a lot. Where is Mylo?
NUNYA. Ha, just kidding. He's the one taking the pictures.

Just kidding, he's with his dad usually. We split time with him about 50/50 because it's important for Mylo to see both of us. I also have a personal rule that I never get a babysitter for a first date. If you want to go out with me, you have to wait for a Mylo-free night.


  1. I would so be Luna too she's my favorite!

  2. Not what I thought you would sound like at all. You're right. It is weird to hear people talk. Completely clashes with what the inner voice I created for you sounds like.

    Favorite line from this post: "He's the one taking the pictures"

  3. I totally thought the same thing about HJ!

  4. Luna was a great character, and really, I thought JK Rowling developed her far better than many of the other characters in the book.

    Your Texas-ness makes me smile, and it reminds me of the hint of accent that my sister-in-law and step-mother-in-law have.

  5. Fucking LOVE your Iron Legion image. Love it.


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