Frisky Friday: What dating is really like after college


Dating is the same old shit over and over. The same conversations. The same loud bars with obnoxious drunk people and forced conversation. It's basically at least 2 hours of holding your farts in and politely laughing at lame jokes. Over and over and over.

I don't want to go to a bar. I don't want to go out to dinner. I want to go rock climbing. Or to yoga. Or stand up paddle boarding. I want to play board games and people watch. Let's do something fun instead of have awkward conversation over over-priced hummus and cocktails I'm gonna have to run 10 miles to burn off tomorrow. That way if we don't hit it off, at least we'll have a fun story.

Here's what gets old:
- Talking about your ex. DON'T.
- Condescension. No, I do not like when you tell the server I'm an alcoholic. Bro, you don't even know me.
- GOD, don't be gross. (Please also don't roofie my drink when I'm in the bathroom. Kthx.)

In college it was so easy to meet people because everyone was on the same level. Now, most people at parties are couples and (most of) the single ones are single for a reason (or several). (Aw shit, I just realized that I'm probably single "for a reason or several".)

Now how do you meet people? Friends of friends or people at work. Or dreaded online dating. (I did it for 5 minutes just to say I did. Jaysus, it was terrible. Like, really bad.) There may be plenty of fish in the sea, I'm just terrible at fishing.


  1. is the way to go I guess. I wouldn't know but it's how my brother met his girlfriend. He said he hated going out to the bars and it's just hard to meet people unless your friends set you up. Yikes.

  2. So true! Sometimes I long for the single life but it's because I just want to sleep in and not cook for anyone. This made me remember how much I hated dating. You may have just saved my relationship :) Plus any post with Star Trek makes me ridiculously happy.

  3. I am right there with you on the online dating thing...IT IS B-R-U-T-A-L!!!! Why does it have to be so difficult???? I am fairly certain that I will be a cat lady sooner that later...true story!!!!!

  4. Hey ladieeeeeeeees, I'm Bobby. *flexes*

    Who needs when I can just hit on the girls in the comment section of your blog, Meg. Thanks!

  5. You know my story. :) I was on and off for two fucking years until I finally hit the jackpot. I seriously NEVER thought I'd meet anyone worthwhile online but I did so now, I'm eating my words. I'd say get back on match and keep your options open.

  6. I got to that point 11 years ago. Online dating profile, bars, parties, the whole 9. It sucked. Had a friend set me up on a blind date and I went for the awesome meter max out. I planned to do things that I liked and if she enjoyed the date we would have several things in common. Group date, 6 folks, Trivial Pursuit on teams over coffee, singing along with the Moulin Rouge soundtrack in my car (don't you judge me) en route to a movie, watched said movie and exchange of phone numbers. No making out, no nothing. Just told her, this is pretty much who I am except we didn't do anything outdoorsy. That's for next time. I'll call you tomorrow at 7. I'm going to ask if you want to do something outdoorsy. If you say yes, cool. If not, that's cool too and I'll get the message. 3 months later we got engaged and 9 months later were married. Over 10 years later it still sucks to not talk to her every day. And we still kick ass at Trivial Pursuit. The right one is out there. Dudes just need to step up their game and girls need to quit trying to set up the Nerk with DBags (nah-mean?)

  7. One of my favorite dates I ever went on was a hiking date. The guy didn't work out, but the hike was awesome.

    Also, there is one big reason why you're single: You are too awesome for 99.9% of the fools out there, and they can't handle that... Don't worry Amy Farrah Fowler, your Sheldon Cooper is out there (Amy Farrah Fowler is my favorite, so this is a huge compliment).

  8. My word, I know exactly what you mean! The best guy I ever dated (for 3 years) took me to a Nature and Science museum for our first day. Friday nights consisted of Star Trek and pizza. I should probably stop comparing other guys to him, right?


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