Frisky Friday: What's really important

I joke (a lot) about this:

Uh huh. Yep. I'm on board.

But y'all, it's not like I want to marry him. I'm just looking. Just like guys do. I think the myth is that guys do it more than girls. I'm here to tell you - not the case. I check out most guys I see. If I think they're cute, I look for a ring. If there's no ring, I flirt like a boss.

Yeah, I read it.
As a book, not awesome. But that's like saying you go to a titty bar for the food.
Ain't nobody reading 50 Shades for a grammar lesson.

Here's the thing, you can look like Adam Levine all day long, but if you don't make me laugh, deal's off. Attraction matters at first, but there has to be something more to make it stick. Nawmean, jelly bean?

What's really important:

- How hilarious you are. Also, whether or not you laugh at my jokes. If we can't laugh together, then I'm out. Big fat dealbreaker.

- How you treat my dog. It's one of my biggest pet peeves (pun!) when guys make fun of my dog. Yeah, he's a fluffy little bitch dog, but he's cute as shit and part of my family. Stop acting like your penis size is directly correlated to whether or not you pet a little dog.

How you treat waiters/servers. Because I like nice, polite boys who tip well. (Just the tip.)

- Whether or not you act like you want to be with me. It's a two way street. If I'm always initiating conversation, then I'm out. 

- You obviously have to be cool with the fact that I have a kid. This goes without saying. I hate that this is the dealbreaker for a lot of guys. Part of me wants to scream, "I'm cool as shit and it's not like you have to jump in and be his dad", but then the other part of me kind of understands. Probably because I'm cool as shit.

- Intelligence. You don't have to be a rocket scientist (Although, I LOVE outer space. Any single, funny rocket scientists out there? Holla atcha girl.), but I want to talk about more than sports and the Kardashians. Not that you'd bring up the Kardashians.

So those are the real things I look for when I go out with guys. Arm muscles and tattoos are just a bonus. What do YOU look for?


  1. Mmmm, arm muscles.

    I agree on the dog thing. If you don't like my dogs or they don't like you, you're outta here. Dogs are a good judge of character, amirite?

    Touchy/feely - if I have to beg you to kiss me or touch me, we're done. If you're not attracted to me and interested in all that than why are you with me? Oh and go get your eyesight checked muthfucka because I'm hawt. Been there, divorced that. Next.

  2. Muscles...muscles...but not too muscley..I don't like Arnold or anything. Just nice man muscles...think Channing Tatum. Yummm....what was I saying oh yeah and they have to be taller than be so I can wear heels. Although the hubs is the same height as me with heels on and his muscles are currently in hiding. LOL...boy needs to get to the gym. Girls can look cause we just glance we don't oogle and make the other person uncomfortable...creepers take a lesson glance don't stare like I'm the last person on the planet or that I have a bugger hanging out of my nose.

  3. I agree on all of your points above. There's a couple more I would throw in: 1) someone who smiles a lot. I'm a very outgoing person and you can tell what mood I'm in practically by looking at my baby finger. (Ok not really, but I'm damn easy to read.) I want to be able to see your smile, and smile often. 2) You have to know more than I do. That sounds totally bitchy/arrogant of me. But really, I need you to be able to teach me things! It intrigues me when a man knows something I don't. (I'm not a rocket scientist or anything, but I know a little bit about a lot of things.) I think it's because I always saw how much knowledge my dad has. He grew up on a farm, transitioned to city living, has worked in chemistry and got his degree in biology, and saw a lot of the world while in the Air Force. The man is just extremely well rounded with his knowledge. And I expect that of my man.

  4. Eyes. The eyes kill me. And lips. And I'm pretty fond of seeing my husband's arm muscles flex and make him look all mainly.

  5. Love this!! I'm sure you hear this a lot but I'm a total NerkyMeg fan because you say the things that are in my head just like 2.3 days before I think them most of the time...well, except for your nerdy references to Harry Potter (sorry, it's the only thing I DON'T get about you;)). AND, we like the exact same things in a guy. I wish I could find you (and half of my friends, single and married) a replica of my hubs...he is funny as balls and completely inappropriate 90% of the time and thinks I'm completely ahmahzing (even I'm all, "Me? Really?"). Everyone deserves someone like that...I'm totes sending all kinds of positive energy into the universe for you and Mylo to have this kind of laughter & love in your life. You are cool as shit, it's just a matter of time...

  6. I agree 110% with you on all accounts! I once dated a guy for about a month, maybe less. I then ended it because I got tired of explaining my jokes to him.

  7. I have to throw in honesty. Keeping secrets from each other does not a healthy relationship make (speaking from experience here) so you gotta have someone who is willing to share everything even if it is a topic that is painfully uncomfortable. Those are going to be the talks that get you through the tough times and make you even stronger.

  8. I once had a guy try to pull the "just the tip" line on me when I was a conflicted college freshman. It goes without saying that it didn't work out. However, I do agree that wait staff deserves any and all tips they earn. That shit is brutal. And if I saw that tip cup somewhere, I would put money in it no matter what, because that shit is hilarious.


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