Sometimes life gets in the way of your perfect plans. Sometimes it's in big ways and sometimes it's in little ways, but it always works out how it's supposed to in the end.

I know this, and that's why I'm so not fretting about not getting up at 5am for the past two days, and definitely not getting my lunch time workout in today. (I'll be entertaining an a/c repairman sometime between the convenient hours of 8am-midnight.)

My dishwasher broke. My garbage disposal broke. My a/c broke. All in the same day. HEY COOL. (Before you ask - it's not a circuit issue. I checked.)

I can live without a dishwasher. I can live without a garbage disposal. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING. It's August in Texas. Fuck that noise and the horse it rode in on (or something).

Plus, I helped my dad install a dishwasher once, so I'm basically an expert now. Back UP, Nerky's GOT THIS.

That said, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a better night's sleep on my fucking porch last night. My kid was SOAKED in sweat when I checked on him at around 10:00. I felt terrible. Spending a few extra minutes with him in the morning was NOT worth him being so uncomfortable, so I called his dad and took him over there. 

So today I woke up early to go running just to get outside where there's at least a fucking breeze. Hello, 5am club. It's nice to (reluctantly) be in you again. (twhs)

The silver lining is that these past two days have been "cool" for a Texas summer - the high was only 95. AND I could call Mylo's dad to drop him off. AND wine. Because, um, wine.


Has your life fucked up your workout plans? Either you get sick or your kid gets sick or you have to work late or you car breaks down or whatever. It happens. Get back on track as soon as you can, hooks!


  1. School started back this week and has thrown my work out routine through a loop!

  2. So sorry about your A/C ... ours went out a couple months ago right during a 100° heat wave (go figure, it have been 70° just the week before). No easy fix either, we had to replace the entire unit. $$$, and it took three days. I did still workout ... my home gym is in the basement where it only got up to 76°. We did invest in a portable A/C which at least cooled down ONE room (our bedroom). Good luck, hope it's an easy fix and doesn't take too long!

  3. That totally sucks about your AC. Hopefully, it gets fixed quickly and you don't have to pay out the ass for it. Love that fan picture, too. :)

  4. When in doubt, wine is the appropriate course of action.

    I'm calling you next time my dishwasher breaks, you expert, you.


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