I weigh myself once a week in the morning, naked, after I pee (old habits die hard) to keep it in check. I only get pissy if it gets over 140, which it hasn't in a while. Your weight fluctuates, so 137-139 is where I've been for the past few months. And it's totally no biggie.

But y'all, I saw 135 this weekend. 

I'm pretty sure the last time I weighed 135 I was in high school rockin' some cherry-red hair and angsty plaid pants from Hot Topic (no me juzgues, we all went through that phase).

The thing is, back then I was a soft 135. I didn't have much muscle tone, except in my quads from soccer. Now? Now I'm toned. I mean, I still have jiggly bits and there is no six pack happening (unless we're talking beer, then yes), but jiggles happen less and I can probably crack a walnut with my buttcheeks. Probably.

Don't ask me to demonstrate, you're not ready.

That's over 65 pounds of weight lost now, y'all. DAMN, that's a lot. I've gone from a 14 to a 4. A large to an extra small. I'm 5'2" and now I actually am petite. 

This picture is 4 months old.
Those are all of my fat clothes that didn't fit me then.
Covering the floor.
And my kid.
Him, I'll keep.
The rest, outta here. Plus more.

I have all of my clothes in boxes ready to donate. It's pretty awesome to finally get rid of all of it.

Know what, though? It's fucking expensive. I had to re-buy everything. Everything. Pants. Shirts. Dresses. Camis. Bras. Panties. All of it. I have probably 7 shirts that I can wear to work now. I'm building my wardrobe back up, slowly but surely - I'd rather have to buy new clothes than still be fat though. Nawmean?


  1. What an awesome problem to have!

  2. Why don't you sale them your bigger clothes to make money for smaller clothes? I see a lot of ppl doing IG sales and using Paypal to get the money. Why not try that before you donate them all?

  3. Ummm you rock. That my friend is amazing!!! Great job!!!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. I pray a smaller size is in my future. I am back on the diet/running band wagon. Baby weight has to go. You inspire. Keep up the good work.

  5. Congrats on the milestone, Meg. Rockin it!

  6. Yep you should sell them on here to those you are inspiring and are on their way down the scale, then buy new ones!

  7. I didnt know your name had an H in it until yesterday. now you know. my brain has been misspelling you for months. brain apology

  8. That's my goal weight (the ol' 135). I did hit it back in 2006, I kept most of my "fat" clothes and unfortunately fit in many of them again. Working my down ... again.

    I did some thrift store shopping (pop those tags)... so many people have these weight ups and downs that there are often good finds for less $$

  9. Whoop, whoop on the 135! That is awesome! I've been stuck in the 140's for months now, but that is all on me since I really haven't been pushing myself. Gotta second what JenB said, hit up the thrift shops. I have found really nice pieces for cheap. Always a bonus when you have to rebuy everything.

  10. Awesome! It is expensive but it's a fun expensive!

  11. Mama Laughlin posted about your blog and I'm so glad I checked it out. Reading the line from this post: "...angsty plaid pants from Hot Topic" made me burst out laughing.

    Thanks for the laugh...will come back for more.


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