To Do List

I changed two light bulbs that went out in my living room like a boss a couple of weeks ago, and I shit you not they are out again. 

Clearly it's because I'm female. I need a man to come handle this for me because I am merely a woman and I get uncomfortable and scared when I'm removed from the kitchen.

On a related note, I courageously trapped a gecko under some tupperware 4 days ago and the poor bastard is going to starve to death and/or suffocate because I have no idea what to do with him now.

Tuesday To Do List:
1. Find man to change light bulbs and remove gecko.
2. Burn tupperware.
3. Thank man with shower sex a nice card.
4. Buy new tupperware.


  1. Can you just put the gecko outside? I had one in my car one time. Going down the interstate at 70mph. I thought I was going to lose it. My 7 year old (at the time) had to remove it from the car for me at our next stop.

    And, now you have me thinking about shower sex. Damn you.

  2. Slide cardboard or paper under the Tupperware, so as not to let him out but to keep him in the Tupperware. Then you can lift the entire thing and take it outside.... Be brave :)

  3. You are freaking hilarious! Made my Tuesday morning!

  4. Be brave and let the gecko free....outside of course. And lightbulbs going out drive me bat shit crazy...I buy the CFL but they have them with a normal looking light bulb around them so you don't have stupid corkscrew looking things all over the house. Just a suggestion. You are woman....

  5. This list is awesome. We had something just like this happen at our office, the property manager changed a couple of light bulbs, and 4 days later, they had both blown out. Lame sauce.


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