Vlog with Mama Laughlin

When I first found Mama Laughlin's blog, I never thought we'd actually be friends. And then I found out she lives near me. And then I stalked her until she basically had to hang out with me lured her in with my awkward charm (I'm single, fellas).

Long story short, we made this video where we "answered" some readers' questions. And we laugh with our entire bodies. I mean, was it really funny if you don't throw your head back? And/or lean forward? I think not.

Enjoy. Enjoy? Enjoy.


  1. that.was.fucking. amazing.

    edit it that out...

  2. You need to edit that out!! Haha!

  3. Thanks for editing that out. :)
    You're amazevag.

  4. CrazeAmaze....my new favorite!

  5. I don't know where to start. Oh wait, I do... AmazePene. Really now, it's one of my new favorites. I will be telling Ammon that one tonight. I'm not even going to edit it out... or will I?

    You three are fucking hilarious, and not I want to move to Fort Worth. Except that I really don't want to live in Texas.


  6. haha...you girls crack me up! What the hell were you drinking and where can I get some?

  7. Nerksy, hilarious as always. The dude in the background sounded kinda depressing though. I also watched the outtakes. See! Even Mama L says you sound mousy, until you drop the F-bomb, then you're like a rat. Bam! Confirmation. I kept wanting the little bit in the toddler chair to do the flex break too. Then he'd be a meme. Makes me laugh. Don't forget kayaking is great core exercise without using your legs (innuendo but just barely). Just check for leaks first.


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