What happened

When life gives you lemons, smile and don't be a little bitch about it.
You can quote me on that.

Well, shit. I busted up my knee, y'all. Pretty badly. I had an indoor soccer game last Wednesday at elevenFUCKINGfifteen pm. That is too damn late, first of all.

The guy in the orange was injured really badly, too.
Rough game.
I'm too frackin' old for this shit.
Why doesn't that other guy have a face?
Cool trick, bro.

I play forward, and I collided with the keeper while we were both going for the ball. He hit me in the air, right on the outside of my knee, it twisted, popped and I landed. (Whatthefuck, is this rugby?) My teammates had to carry me off the field. (Thank goodness I lost all that weight, amirite?)

I didn't cry, not one single tear, (Like a boss.) but when I stepped down on it, it was wobbly and unstable and hurt real bad. REAL bad. Shit.

I legit could barely move the next day. I can't bend or straighten my leg, and FUCK twisting and turning. It's the worst.

Do you know what the craziest part is? I'm the most upset that I can't workout. It's...my thing that I do. I feel kind of lost without it. (And THAT'S how I know I've made a real lifestyle change.) I mean, I can do arms and abs and I'll post my plan to not gain weight now that I'm injured later this week, but I can't run. I can't play soccer. I can't crush my goal of 300 jumping jacks. Not right now.

Fact: Most people have nicknames in my phone.
Also, I'm not that stubborn.
I'm just strong-willed? Determined? 
Okay, maybe I am.
But in a totally lovable way.

No lie, it's fucking frustrating, but what's the point in being angry? What good does it do? Deal with it and move forward. This is a hiccup and I'll get through it. That said, I'm not perfect. I have moments when I get super pissed about it, but they pass and generally I'm glass-half-full (of beer. I'll take "drinking my anger away" for 500, Alex).

I went out with a friend on Thursday after I got my crutches.
I needed a cold beer and some delicious pizza, STAT.
Seems legit.

I had my MRI on Friday. I'll get the results today. My doc was 95% sure that I tore my meniscus when I went in last week. I may or may not need surgery, but if I do need surgery, that's a pretty easy one with short recovery. w00t. Fingers crossed for a good diagnosis, mkay?

Lookin' pretty sexual in my hospital gown, amirite?
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I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be back to normal soon. It's annoying. And painful. And shitty. And inconvenient. And frustrating. But there's always a silver lining. Like cute guys at the grocery store that are totally willing to help you, hydrocodone and having a legitimate excuse for my house being a mess. Cheers!


  1. That sounds painful girl!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. God love you! Knowing you regardless of the outcome you will be perky polly all the live long day! Fucking love you and sending good vibes that all is well doll face!

  3. sucks! hope you get good news today!

  4. Cool trick bro.

    Seriously LOL'd at work.

    It's the little things.

  5. OH no...that sucks but your pics are hilarious and well your the beast. I'm sure you'll chisel your already toned arms or something even with having an injury.

  6. Bummer about your knee, but at least they gave you good drugs? Those make everything better...for 6 hours at a time :)

  7. Fingers Crossed for good news! I know exactly how you feel...thi hip thing I got going on its the shits and I feel SO lazy not running...

  8. I hope it's nothing bad. And yeah, ALWAYS room for more wine ;)

  9. Hoping for Good news. I dislocated my patella I'm May just when I was really getting into my work out groove & haven't been able to get back to where I was completely yet.

  10. Can you use a pool at all? I did a lot in the pool after I tore my ACL and meniscus, because I could walk, run, and swim without hurting myself more. It felt good to get the cardio.

    I'm crossing my fingers like crazy that this isn't anything big. That would really suck.


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