3 weeks post-op

It's gonna be cold as shit outside before I'm cleared to run again and that right there makes me want to go find the douchehole that fucked me up and punch him right in the gonads with all my might. You make it so I can't run? I make it so you can't have children.

So yeah, 3 weeks post-op and I'm handling it well. At least it's pretty outside now so I can patio-drink like a champ.

I had a doctor's visit on Monday where he vetoed my plan to get out of my monster brace. I mean, I guess I didn't go to medical school or anything, so he probably knows best and isn't just out to make my life miserable. I GUESS. (Actually my doc is pretty cool, he called my smile ebullient, because I'm a cheerful motherfucker. This is the same guy who said he'd never seen someone with a torn ACL in such good humor. Project what you want to receive, is all I have to say about that.)

Do guys dig scars the same way chicks dig scars?
That red mark on my right leg is from busting it in heels months ago.

The timeline:
Today: Start slowly with a stationary bike at physical therapy (followed by a pumpkin spice iced coffee, because PT hurts like a bitch and a half and iced coffee is the only cure)
4 weeks: Unlock the brace and walk with a bent knee
5 weeks: New, smaller brace
6 weeks: HEELS! Just kidding. (Womp.)

From there it depends on how well I do in PT. I had my meniscus repaired too, so that also adds time. Fuck yeah, multiple injuries! She said sarcastically.

Current goals:
1: Straighten my leg. I have about 10 degrees to go before I can straighten it completely.
2: Strengthen my quad muscle. The only way to move forward is to be able to control and stabilize my leg and knee with my quad. I'm not saying I can't, I'm just saying I might need a little more practice before I climb any mountains.

I know a few of you out there have injuries too. A lot of you have told me your stories and told me it's okay to be angry. You're right, it is okay. But then you need to move forward, keep your chin up and be positive about recovery! (Pro tip: When I'm sad and/or angry, I go look at this blog for a while and feel better. Seriously.) The problem is when we stay angry.

Happy hump day, my turkeys. May you celebrate accordingly.


  1. ok i checked out that blog and outloud said, AWW!! :) Have a fantabulous day!! Your knee looks great!

  2. I have been walking around feeling sorry for myself because of a sore "feels like a never ending Charlie horse" calf after running a 1/2 on Sunday....I am going to quit complaining right effing now!!! Here's to running in the cold weather soon :)

  3. Does it ever really get cold in Dallas? Lesbehonest. That guy that fucked up your knee totally deserves a swift kick to the nads. I mean, it's only fair, right?

  4. PT hurts like no other. I still have flashbacks. HOWEVER, it is the best thing that every happened to my knees.

    You jumped the gun on your heels timeline, I noticed today (I'm so damn behind on blogs, thank goodness for Instagram).

    Remind me at the Beer Run to show you my scars. Yours will look just like mine in a few years, and people will only notice them when you point them out. And you'll hate it a little, because you won't get to brag about how badass you are.


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