Frisky Friday: MILFs

Today I'm guest posting at TimBOB's Bloggy Blog about MILFs and DILFs. Spread the Frisky Friday celebration all over the internet! Go read it and tell me I'm wrong about 5 o'clock shadows. I DARE you.


If you're here from TimBOB's Bloggy Blog, thanks for visiting! I hope you like my bidness, and if you do, you can follow me on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA!




If you're new here, I lost a buncha weight. Seventy muhfuckin' pounds, to be exact. On Fridays, I'm frisky. The rest of the days I'm a badass MILF fitness doer   a regular girl with a dream   black   a single mom who's really into fitness and superhero movies. SOMETIMES people even say I'm funny. Sometimes.


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