Happy Birthday!

Two years and nine months ago I didn't use any form of birth control. And two years ago I had another mouth to feed.

The kid has a fantastic head of hair - there's no denying it.

I don't feel old or mature enough to have a two year old, but hey, I can roll with the punches. Now that I've been doing it for a while, being a mom is second nature. I understand that when he says "pwips", he wants chips. When he says "bye bye bee twuck," he's waving to the big trucks on the highway. 

I try to treat him like a person, not like a baby. I don't know if it's right or wrong, I just really hate when adults do that baby talk voice, and I shan't partake in that bullshit. I talk to him like he's a person because he is a person. A two year old little person. Call it a difference in parenting style or whatever. (I feel like now I'm gonna get bombarded with "why you should talk to your kid with a baby voice" emails and comments. Save it - I'm not going to.)

I was in labor for 22 hours to bring this little boo into the world. It was painful and exhausting and it's a story for another time. Fast forward 2 years and a lot of life changes for both of us and we're a happy little fam. 

I can't even remember what my life was like before him, or what I did with all of my free time. He's pretty crazeamaze though, so I guess I'll keep him around. Here's to celebrating lots more birthdays!


  1. There is nothing better then being a boy mom.
    Happy Birthday Little Dude!

  2. Happy Birthday to Mylo! Hope the two of you have a great time celebrating everything that makes him so awesome (like the fact that you're his mom)!

  3. Happy birthday little man! And happy pushing a kid out your vagina to you! ;)

    As for baby talk...I hate that shit. My first two kids never heard baby talk. I must be getting lazy in my old age because with the last two I've been known to say "baba" instead of bottle. But I think that's the extent of the baby talk...

  4. Isn't it amazing how life throws complete craziness our way & then you look back and you are like...thank you life for that.

  5. Neither of mine got baby talk from their parents. They've been growing up pretty well being treated like short little people with poor impulse control and needing instruction.

    Now they're both pretty decent pre-teens. (Wait; they can't be; I'm not THAT old...)

  6. Aw, Happy Birthday Mylo! He does have great hair, keep that shit up. I don't do baby talk either. It is hard enough trying to decipher toddler speak as it is without adding to the difficulty.


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