I'm throwin' on my Louboutins

I miss my shoes.

I tried to put on a pair of heels last night and within 3.056 seconds I had sharp, shooting pain in my knee, dammit. I mean, it's been almost two full weeks since my ACL and meniscus reconstruction. Clearly I should be wearing my 6" death traps heels by now. I'm behind.

I had to buy flats to wear to work. I'm 5'2", what good are flats to me? No good. No good at all. But I don't have a choice right now, so I shed a tear for all of the beautiful heels I left on the shelf in lieu of some sparkly flats that are cute, but just not the same.

The shoes I wanted.
I didn't buy them.

Real talk: Where does Target get off charging $50 for shoes? There should really be a price cap of $30. It's not like it's Nordstrom. (I still want them. Spaaaarkly.)

I need something to get me through this slump. I need something to look forward to my triumphant return to being 5'8" whenever I want to be. Something like...Avengers heels?

$80 on Etsy
I die.

You can get them in any comic. I love the Avengers, but I WONDER if they can do Wonder Woman? (I'm a size 8, if you're curious.)


  1. I've never worn heels but for those Avengers ones, I'd be willing to try...

  2. I couldn't agree more! It's Target for cripes sake, nothing should cost more than $30!!!! Ludicrous!

  3. Those Tarjay heels are CUTE....but not $50 cute.

  4. Funny you should post this today- I have had knee issues for a LONG time... and now that I am running I try to wear flats, all the time... well I decided to wear heels today and so far so good. Mine are from Target, but they were NOT $50!?! We are totally on the same wavelength today! :)

  5. I love heels! I haven't really worn them lately, but hoping when I get a job I will have a reason to wear them again!! I feel your pain!! I do love the Target heels!!

  6. I'm 6'2" and a klutz!! Lol. I'm athletic but can't walk in heels. Lol even though my hubs is 6'7". Lol $50 for target, waaayyy too much but I have this feeling you would have bought them! Praying for your quick recovery :)

  7. I am such a klutz and can't walk in heels, but those that you have on a SUPER cute. I'm 5'1 and probably should wear them. Thought of you today because we're having a Star Wars week at work, and we were give mini light sabers as we walked in the door today. Sooooooo I grabbed 2 extra, if you want them for you and Mylo, I will send them your way, just email me. They don't make noise, they just have bright flashy lights.

    Hope the knee gets to feeling better!

  8. I don't know how you wear those tall heels. I got a pair of 5" nude pumps which are so cute and I haven't worn them out of the house. I don't think I could make it through a day of work in them without falling spectacularly. The Avengers heels are too fun, though.

  9. Real talk, is right. Target needs to take a page from Walmart's 'roll-back' approach.

    Although, I suppose in all fairness, Target does things like pay their employees more than minimum wage, issue promotions - even to women -, and offer health benefits, etc. SO I guess, maybe, I'll take the exorbitant cost of shoes for fair wages and gender equality.

    Clearly I need to stop watching documentaries.

  10. I tried commenting on this post all day. My phone won't let me post comments. I miss being free on the internet at work.. darn this new job. Anyway- I am a mom of 2 boys. I would be the coolest mom around with super hero shoes. I think buying them for $80 is well worth it- Target is just out of their mind.

  11. If I was 5'2", and didn't walk 4 miles at work each day, I would wear heels too. But I tend to fall down stairs when I show apartments in heels, so flats it is.

    I need to take some heel lessons from you, I think.

  12. Heels are cute until you put them on and try to walk for a while


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