Iron Wo-Man.

It's ACL surgery day up in this joint. (Get it?! Because knees are joints, ha!) Three months from today I better be able to run my fastest mile, or I want my money back. I had to pay extra for my doctor to put an arc reactor in my knee. (Did I just get too nerdy for you? I may or may not have just wasted an hour reading several different Instructables on how to build my own arc reactor. Time well spent, I say.)

Maybe I should just send the bill to the guy on the other team that felt like tackling me was the best option in order to get the soccer ball in an adult recreational league. 

I digress.

The last time I had surgery was a c-section for my kiddo. One day I'll tell you allll about that noise, how I was in labor for 22 hours and pushed and pushed and just couldn't get anywhere so eventually had to have him cut out, but that day isn't today. My point is, the last time I had surgery I was married and I had someone to help me with general life stuff. 

In case you're a little new: They're repairing my fully torn ACL (tore it a couple of weeks ago playing soccer) with a tendon from a cadaver. I cannot get over how cool that is. (Man, I shoulda been a scientist.) 

I'll also have pins in my knee that will eventually dissolve. I'll have the pleasure of crutching around with a full leg immobilizer brace for a month, then two months in a slightly less cumbersome brace. How am I going to get up the stairs? Cook? Shower? Be mom to a two year old? I don't know, I just will. I have to. 

I DO know that I have the greatest friends, family and coworkers in the world that have every meal covered for me from today through Saturday. Seriously, how did I get so lucky to have this many good people in my life?

I'm one lucky gimp.

So now I'm laid up for a few days. Who wants to come over and watch superhero movies with me?


  1. Good luck girl! I'll be thinking of you and your bionic tendon

  2. Good luck Meg!! We will be thinking about ya!!

  3. Such good spirits. Good luck. Take it easy.

  4. You get the dissolving pins TOO??? I'm officially jealous of your knee surgery, and want a refund on mine from 2003. That's perfectly acceptable, isn't it???

    You are going to rock this shit. I just know it.

  5. Good luck, nitch! You should have specifically asked for a tendon from a dead runner. Perfectly acceptable, right?

    I'll be thinking of you while I'm on my cruise next week getting all sexed up.

  6. My god this was a post full of one very sexy face...

  7. Thinking about you today . . . hope it all went well! And you will be awesome . . . because it's just what us moms do! I wish I lived closer . . . I'd bring you dinner . . . us southern moms love to feed people!!


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