Pinteresting. Very pinteresting.

If you're on my email list, you know that the weekend challenge was to try a new healthy recipe. Since I practice what I preach, I did it too, except I'm a muhfuckin' over achiever and I tried five new Pinterest ideas I've been meaning to get around to. Although, not all of them were recipes. Whatever, still counts. (Because I SAY it counts.)

First, I baked some eggs. There's some debate about whether or not this is a better method that boiling them, and honestly I don't know don't care. It worked like a boss and it's how I'm gonna make hard boiled (uh, baked?) eggs henceforth.

Action shot!
Original Pin HERE

Truth is, I don't know how to boil eggs. I have to google it every time and I always fuck it up because I'm a special kind of amazing. Baking them worked well - 325 degrees and you can forget about them until your timer goes off 30 minutes later, then put them in ice water when they're done. They peel easily and were everything I could hope for in an egg. Better than eggceptable, they were eggstraordinary. 

Something else I don't know how to do: cook mushrooms. I had to ask a friend for my second eggsperiment. (Also, are you supposed to put silverware in the dishwasher facing up or down? Who even knows.)

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche Cups
Original Pin with recipe HERE

I modified her recipe slightly by omitting the heavy cream and adding 2 more eggs. These are wonderful and next time I'll add onions. (Check out those sauteed shrooms. Nailed it.) I may have had 2 of these and an oatmeal cup for dinner last night. 

Oatmeal cups, you say?

Original Pin HERE

I followed the original recipe pretty exactly, and put chocolate chips on half and left half plain. What's a few morsels between friends?

I made these for Mylo's breakfast this week, but I know he's not gonna like them. They're not sweet at all, but it's not surprising since they're sugar free. I like them, and they will definitely make your house smell amazing while they're baking. I like the chocolatey ones better, duh.

My fourth pin-win was a ranch dressing substitute.

Original Pin HERE

Half of a big container of Greek yogurt and a packet of ranch dressing mix, BOOM done. It's yumzors and I'm taking it in my lunch this week with carrots. REAL TALK: This is 22 calories per 2 tablespoons. Do you know how many calories traditional ranch dressing has per 2 tablespoons? ONE HUNDRED FORTY. Is it even a question? Plus, there's a fuckton of protein in Greek yogurt. 

Bonus, I'm gonna use the rest of the greek yogurt and some leftover oats to make refrigerator oatmeal later this week, because fuck yeah planning ahead and using ingredients I already have.

That's four Pinterest wins, but I made five Pinterest things. Let's talk about the fifth one.

Raspberries with chocolate chips.

Listen, I love raspberries and I love chocolate, but these were only okay. If I need a chocolate fix, I'm just gonna eat some chocolate. There's no point in ruining perfectly delicious raspberries.

Once I finished all of the things, I sat my Nerky ass down and watched Star Trek Into Darkness, because I deserved it after being so domestic. Ladies, I'm talking to you right now (because I know tons of guys were interested in this post), Star Trek isn't just for nerds. Half of the reason I'm as nerky as I am is because of the guys in nerky movies.

Yep, count me in.


  1. I am going to have to try those oatmeal muffin things, looks yummy... I add cinnamon and splenda to my oatmeal to make it yummy, just FYI... that greek yogurt ranch looks yummy too, have you had the oikios greek yogurt French onion dip?!? delish and same story, like 20 cals... but that doesn't count the bag of pita chips you eat with it... I have tried carrot sticks with it and its yummy, but just not the same!

  2. I've been baking my eggs since I saw that pin a while back ... like you said, it's just easier to put them in and forget about them until the timer goes off. With boiling, I'd always forget to watch when the water started boiling, and how long to leave them. Depending on your pan size, it's easier to do more quickly in the oven too.

    All the rest of your pins are all so healthful ... I just recently did a post about Food Porn, those lovely tempting images of treats and breads. That's what I end up pinning and drooling over. Chocolate Mint Brownies were NOT good for my weigh-in last week.

    We watched Star Trek Into Darkness this past weekend too.

  3. Star Trek Into Darkness is one of my new favorite movies. Chris Pine...yum! However, my favorite nerd crush is Matthew Gray Cubler from Criminal Minds. He makes me starry eyed.

  4. I put silverware in the dishwasher facing up because there's a better chance that it will get clean that way. My dishwasher is crap so it is a coin toss with each load. I have been meaning to do those egg cups forever, maybe that will be my project for next weekend.

    Loved Into Darkness, so good!

  5. Yum, gonna have to try the oatmeal muffins.

    I co-sign the nerky movie notion. Chris Pine AND Benedict Cumberbatch, that's a double win m'friends. Bonus points for it being Star Trek (the new ones are so freakin' good).

  6. Made the Ranch Yogurt dip last night after I read this. REALLY good - tastes almost like Ranch Dressing, but 100 times better for you!

  7. I am totally making the ranch stuff. Do you think it would go well with Buffalo Wings?


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