Today I'm going to the gym, dammit.

It's been a week since they sliced me open and put dead people in my knee to fix me. (ZombieMeg) Yesterday was the first day I didn't want to shoot myself in the face at work. My first day back was Monday, 5 days post-op. It was a hard day. My shit hurt. I was in a bad mood about it. My pain meds made me sleepy, but if I didn't take them I wanted to kill myself because holy ouchies. Tuesday was better, but not awesome because physical therapy was the worst.

The pain was so bad that I was nauseous. It was so bad that I could barely eat and I couldn't sleep. When I took pain meds, it became bearable to sleep on my back, on the couch, for 3.5 hours at a time. This post-op pain was way worse than that from my c-section and ankle surgery (2009, another soccer injury, FIGURES).

But yesterday? Yesterday was great. (Well maybe great is an overstatement, but by comparison it was the tits.) I started to feel almost back to normal. I've been taking my ice machine to work with me, and it's really the only thing keeping me from strangling some of my coworkers been great.

My under-the-desk set up. 
A fan for my hot flashes (for real, the first couple of days I was hot all the GD time), heaven box ice machine and a box to prop my leg with a pillow for padding.
And a blanket because I'm hot and I'm cold and I'm yes and I'm no.
And some sweet generically corporate carpeting.
Seems legit.

But do you know why yesterday was especially great? It was the first time in a while where I was bummed that I didn't bring my gym clothes. It was also the first day in a week that I walked without my crutches.

What's missing from this picture?
Also, good lighting. Good lighting is missing.

So today I have my gym clothes. And no crutches. (Okay, they're in my car. But only just in case.) Ab mat, how I've missed you. Lat pull downs? Yes, please. Maybe one of the gym bros will spot me at the pull up bar. (Ha, kidding. My luck I'd fall and break my shit again. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll get there.)

I've really cleaned up my diet a lot. I knew I would be lacking cardio for a few months, and I WILL NOT get fat again, so eating right is my only option. I eat a lot of salad (no creamy dressing, please), fruit and lean protein. Lots of water. I chew gum ALL DAY, SON. I still stick by my "if I really want it, then I'll eat it" ideal, but I really think about whether I want it, or if it's just convenient. Most of the time it's convenient.

And do you know what? I've lost weight. Without exercising. Maybe that thing everyone who's lost any amount of weight at all always says about eating right being 70% of the battle is true. (Or maybe it's my muscles slowly withering away. Womp, woooooomp.)

The scale is the best way to stay accountable for me right now.
So I'm using it.
So many people are anti-scale, and that's fine if it works for you.
I'm pro-scale. Scale equality in all 50 states.


  1. You are one tough woman. I'd be on my sofa crying all day if I were you!

  2. Digital scales are truth serum. All of those "not gonna be too bad" or "I'll work off this mondo banana split later" excuses and justifications get massacred at the Truth Booth (also known as my bathroom scale). Yeah, I'm a guy and I monitor my weight. I didn't lose 50 pounds of fried chicken and pizza flab just to hit a goal and go back to fat fat two months later. Truth Booth keeps it real!

  3. I lose weight when I stop exercising too- but I don't look or feel as good!

  4. I'm pro scale, but on a limited basis. I more just want to keep it monitored so my weight doesn't creep back up. I'm so glad you are feeling better and good for you for getting to the gym! You are serious beast.

  5. Great job cleaning up your diet and managing to still lose weight! Also, the cardboard box under the desk totally rocks.

  6. I've heard that losing weight without exercise means you're losing muscle. :( I haven't look it up at all though to check the validity of that statement.


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