Back to reality

I learned a few things about myself in Vegas over the past couple of days.

1) I'm not above taking off and losing my 6" heels in a bar after a few vodkas. (I found them eventually though. Crisis averted.)
2) I have no reason to have fat-girl mindset anymore. (I still do sometimes, though.)
3) What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Except what I Instagrammed, obvs.)

I've always been lucky. Meaning I always get lucky in Vegas. (Aww yeahhh.) Even as a kid, my dad took my brothers and me to play those midway games where you win stuffed animals, and on my first try I threw the ring and it landed perfectly around the Coke bottle and I won a giant purple stuffed gorilla that was bigger than I was. This trip I sat down at one slot machine, played it one time and won $100. That's pretty much all the gambling we did, but hey $100 is totally enough to buy some leather shorts and then some. I'll take it.

Side note: Since when does all of Europe flock to Vegas? I swear, there were more people there with accents than not. I'm not complaining, just observing. (Hey Europe, come to Texas, please. I've been told I'm "really hospitable", ifyouknowwhatimean.)

We spent most of our time there taking a 48 hour food and drink tour of the strip. I mean goddamn, it was constant indulgence for 2 days straight. Eat all the things, nap, party all night. Sometimes you need that. You just have to know how to bounce back.

You don't eat broccoli, carrots, green beans, bacon and waffles for breakfast?
At least it was semi-healthy.
What you DON'T know is that was my second breakfast plate.
And those veggies in the top left? Totes healthy, right?
Except they were drenched in butter.

My only real request for the trip was that we ate at Gordon Ramsay's BurGR, because I have a mad crush on him (another European) and burgers are my fave. Other than that, I figured the trip would just unfold as we went. We literally didn't plan anything. I love winging it, it's how I handle pretty much everything.

He's real cute.
And it was delish.
Totally worth the line we had to wait in, too.
Get the sweet potato fries if you go.
I instagrammed a picture of the burger perfection: @nerkymeg

So after all of that gluttony during the day, we knocked 'em back at night. This is the first time I've gone to Vegas to party instead of be touristy/gamble/etc. Real talk: I used to be lame. Only within the past year or so have I come out of my shell and started doing things. It's way more fun than being lame, trust me. (Losing weight helped change my attitude and outlook on life, for real.) 

That drink on the top right was called a "skinny screw".
Awww it was named after me.
Come on, that was hilarious.
Are you sick of picture collages yet?

These pictures don't even come close to ALL the food and dranks. I went from beer to liquor to wine back to liquor to beer again, and so forth. My Irish and Puerto Rican roots pretty much guarantee that I'm excellent at holding my liquor (and that I may be fair skinned, but I tan instead of burn). They don't mean shit when it comes to losing my shoes, though.

We walked the billion miles between casinos (almost 12 miles on Monday), so that helped negate some of the noms. 12 miles a month post-acl repair, no less. My calf on my bad leg is still on fire. Whatev though, I'm not even complaining. I'm SO GLAD to be building muscle back and on my way to running again!

It's important to get back on the healthy train when you get home from a trip though. A break from routine can be exactly what you need, but it can also be the end of your hot-lil-self if you don't get back on track.

1) Track your eating with MyFitnessPal for a while to get back to normal.
2) Getcherass back in the gym! Cardio. Abs. Weights. Do all the things. Don't forget how hard you've worked up to this point.
3) Weigh yourself and get it over with. You know you want to, and honestly it's probably not as bad as you think it is. (I didn't gain any weight, even though at one point I had a beer and a chocolate martini in my hands. Double fisting like a boss. And sweet Jesus, all the buffets.)

Vegas with your girlfriends (or your bros if you're a guy) is def the way you should do it. Single or otherwise, it's more fun. Especially if your friends are good at keeping secrets. (Wink.)


  1. I am so jealous! We are hoping to go in December with our brother-in-law and Ammon's little sister. because Ammon and brother-in-law turned 30 this year, and little sister turned 21. I will eat all the things too, I'm sure. However, people seriously underestimate just how many calories you can burn dancing. It's my secret to not getting too fat on vacations and party nights: dance more than you stand still.

  2. SUPER jealous! I am glad you had fun... and got lucky! :)

    Congrats on the high mileage! You are a BEAST! I have no doubt you will be running as soon as your Dr says so... or as soon as you can without them knowing, lol...

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. I have never been but so want to go. I am not a lucky person so I wouldn't probably NOT gamble. I would most likely end up losing our plane ticket home.

  4. That looks SUPER fun! Glad you had a good time!

  5. I super puffy heart love Vegas!! And yes, more fun with friends and with no expectations. Glad you had a good time.

  6. Sounds like you had a blast. I MUST go sometime. I would dieeee with all the amazing food.

  7. Ah, Vegas. To get lucky with girlfriends. Why does a dude have to go with bros. If you can swing the girlfriends thing, why not (see what I did there?)? Glad you had fun. The buffet at Rio is so big you have to eat WHILE you are filling your plate because it's an 8 Mile walk back to your table. Ghetto but it's survival kid! I enjoy my time on Freemont for gambling in old Vegas (money goes a lot further) and sight seeing and noshing around the Bellagio/C's/Paris area. My favorite meal ever, in life, all of it, was at TJ's Steakhouse at the LVH (Hilton). Best. Ribeye. Ever.

    Welcome home!


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