Frisky Friday: The better I see you with, my dear

Thank goodness wearing glasses finally became cool. I put in my time, dammit. I'd like to point out that I also had glasses long before they were trendy. (I'm also reading this book, you probably haven't heard of it.) That's not me being bragadocious, it's me being forthright with my lifelong poor vision.

Glasses don't equal nerdy, for the record. Glasses equal subpar vision and/or are a weird fashion trend. Soon they'll go the way of hammer pants and jellies for most people and those of us who wear them in order to see will...continue to do that. Know what though? Glasses make you look smart, and I like smart. (I like smart so much that I use poor grammar when talking about how much I like smart.)

Not all nerds have glasses and not all glasses-wearers are rocket scientists. It's a common misconception that started with Clark Kent, the original useless-glasses-wearer. 

Superman clearly knew what was up when he "disguised" himself. (Thumbs up, bro. Nobody knows who you are now that you put on some glasses. Great job.)

Ima be honest, I love this trend. It's not even because I have glasses, it's because I think glasses are sexy. They make you look like you spend time reading and learning as opposed to whatever you actually fuck around doing. It's the illusion of intelligence - talk nerdy to me.

Bonus points if you actually are intelligent behind those four-eyes. (And if you can fix things.)


  1. Now people wear glasses when they don't need them. They just wish they needed them lol. TGIF!!!

  2. I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade and you can bet that rocked those Sally Jesse Raphael motherfuckers, too. I love my glasses, and I love hot guys in glasses, but not the lame fake ones. I mean, if you're hot already, why be lame trying to follow a fad?

  3. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I went to the eye dr convinced I needed glasses. I even had the perfect pair picked out, only to find I have perfect vision. Dang it.

  4. Ammon reminded me of a blond Clark Kent when we first started dating. I love that he wears glasses... and that he isn't doing it to be cool or ironic.


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