I've been looking forward to this movie since I first saw the trailer months ago. It's the first movie in a long time that I saw opening night. It was actually a 10pm showing on Thursday. (How do they get away with that? I get midnight showings, but 10pm? Breakin' dem rulez, Cinemark.) I bought my $17.50 IMAX 3D ticket (because I don't need to eat this week or anything) and some junior mints and waited for my friend to come pick me up.

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. (I still kind of do.) I've always loved outer space and the infinite possibilities it carries. That's why I like Star Wars and Star Trekand I was always insanely jealous of the kids that won whatever Nickelodeon game show and got to go to space camp. I'd give my left boob to go to outer space. (Just the left one. Although that seems like an odd form of payment. Maybe we can come up with some sort of monetary amount and everybody wins?)

I haven't felt so drained from a movie, maybe ever. This movie is lightyears beyond fantasy space movies. (See what I did there?) It was so stressful and realistic in that you really feel like this is something that could actually happen. It's terrifying in a very unique, humbling way, and all the while you're looking at these beautiful images of the Earth from space. It's overwhelming. It's an experience, not just a movie.

I want to see it again.


  1. I am glad you liked it- I have been waiting for reviews because I feel like movies like that can either be AMAZING or a total waste of time, so being the cheap-o that I am, I wanted to let other people tell me there thoughts, because I don't always agree with the critics! Worth it to see it in 3D as well I imagine?? Thanks for the review! My hubs always wanted to be an astronaut as well.... guess I can bring him along with me! :)

  2. I was also waiting for reviews but I'm thinking I really want to see this, too! Now, I'm convinced that I do! And, shoot, a chance to go into space! Give both boobs! You can always buy more boobs later.

  3. Glad to hear that you liked it because the reviews I heard were not too favorable. Sounds like a cool movie, though!

  4. I have been hearing that from tons of people. Think I am going to have to check it out

  5. Yes, I was wondering if this was worth it to go see at the theater or not. Glad to hear that it was! I think I will check it out!

  6. Just saw this movie tonight and you description is perfect! I felt the same way while I was watching. Haven't enjoyed a movie this much in a longtime��


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