There are things I know about myself. Like the fact that I probably won't put away my laundry no matter how early in the day it finishes drying. And that I'm not a morning person. And that I'm maybe a little, um, stubborn motivated. Some may call it driven. (Call me whatever you want, as long as you call me. Heyyyyyy.)

Yesterday was my first "long" run without intervals since before surgery. A whole mile (whoopty fuck) and painfully (not literally) slow compared to where I was before, BUT a mile is a mile is a mile, and it's 7 weeks post-op. A full 5 weeks before they said I'd be back in the game. That's pretty solid, I'd say. I started running at about 6 weeks, and I'm using the word "running" loosely. It's more of a wog, but hey, better than sitting on my ass stuffing cheetos in my gullet. (Or wine and cookies, which is more likely the case.)

I asked my doctor what he thought about running and WHY it's not allowed for 3-4 months after surgery. Then I asked what he would do. Those answers are different, my friends.

Long story short, I'm easing back into it a little early. Sue me. I miss real cardio and I'm taking it super slow. I was pretty fit before I went down (twss), so I think that helps.

But you'll be sorry if you tear your shit again.

Yeah, I will. I'll risk it though. This is just how I'm handling it. When you tear your ACL and meniscus and all the shit unexpectedly and are dealing with the recovery, you should definitely listen to your doctor. (And then make informed decisions for yourself because it's human rights. This is the nineties.)

Let me tell you what, though. Taking 2 months off from running is nodamnjoke. My ass jiggles uncomfortably. I don't like it, y'all. Not one. little. bit. I don't have any unexpected knee pain after running, though. So there's that. The ligament is actually at it's weakest right now (I don't know why this is the case, but whatev. Science.) since surgery, another reason I'm taking it slowly. 

Moral of the story, I'm stubborn and I'll do what I want regardless of what people tell me. I'm clearly a superhero. I'm not a good role model because I don't listen when people legitimately try to help me. (And so ends the post without a single picture or meme.)


  1. Can totally relate to your story. My hubby tore his meniscus while we were dating. His surgery was scheduled for early in the morning, and he was texting me that same afternoon that he was walking around Stein Mart. Then the next morning he texts me he forgot how many pain killers he was on, and it was all swollen & really hurting. Forgot to mention he is a paramedic lol

  2. I can completely understand. I'd be going stir crazy without any substantial cardio as well. Just take things slow and listen to your body!

  3. I am just as "driven" as you are... and I don't blame you one bit! I would be going crazy if I couldn't run. You are a beast for hitting a 5k up yesterday! Can you believe you have come this far this fast?!? I call that super driven! Could you imagine being here a month ago!?! CONGRATS! A slow run at 3.14 miles is KILLING it in my books, especially compared to sitting on the couch! :)

  4. Getting to the point where you can ruin a mile without pain is the hardest. Way to go! It took me a while lot longer than that, so obviously I believe you are a superhero for real


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