New gym, bro

I joined a new gym yesterday. I did it for lotsa reasons. One - I need a pool if I'm gonna tackle a triathlon next year. Two - My work gym isn't open on the weekends. Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean I don't want to get swole, mkay? Three - It was hella cheap. Four - A lot of my friends are members, so I'm excited to have workout buddies because lawd knows I'm not gonna shake it at a zumba class by myself. (Or sober. Who has two thumbs and needs liquid courage to go to an exercise class? THIS GIRL.)

"Bro, do you even leviosa?"

Things I missed about being a member of a big gym:
- Classes. I don't know what Bodypump is yet, but I want to be a part of it.
- There being more than one bike, set of free weights and ab mat.
- The pool and hot tub.

Things I didn't miss about being a member of a big gym:
- That huge section with all the lifty machines. Not gonna lie, that shit's intimidating, 'spesh if there are a bunch of bros grunting in the mirror.
- People jumping on the treadmill right next to mine, even though there are at least 29 other available ones. (It's on like Donkey Kong. You better believe we're racing.)

Question: If I did a pull up but no one was there to take a picture, then did it actually happen? (The answer is yes. Cross it off the bucket list! If I were a selfie-level-expert, I'd be able to selfie while pulling up and post it to Instagram before I jumped off the bar. Clearly I have a lot to learn. #amateur)

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but I had ACL and meniscus repair surgery about 6 weeks ago. (It's not like I made a huge deal about it or anything.) SO, I'm not cleared to run for at least 6 more mothertrucking weeks, but I don't think my doctor counted on my work ethic stubborn as shit attitude about getting over this injury.

I prefer to call it dedication, a-thankyouverymuch.

This is the part where I say "do as I say, not as I do." My doctor is excellent and very smart and I respect his opinion immensely. I'm always honest with him and my PT about what I do and don't do regarding recovery. (I DO push the limits. I DON'T wear the new brace he gave me.) However, nobody knows my body better than I do, so for me, I feel like I'm ready to ease back into running. Key word: EASE.

I walked on the treadmill at level 3.5 for 10 minutes to get super warmed up, then I bumped it up to 4 and slow-jogged for 1 minute, and alternated every minute between walking and slow-jogging for 10 minutes with no incline. It's not like I busted out a marathon 6 weeks post-op, but those 5 minutes of barely-faster-than-walking felt crazeamaze. I'm gonna do it again later this week for shits and giggles.


  1. I am finally going to get back into the gym after 7 years of working out at home. AGH!!! I miss the classes too - so bad. Should be very interesting...

  2. Body Pump is awesome. I make it pretty much at least once a week. Full body work and to good music. You should try it.

  3. I just took body pump for the first time this weekend and my inner thighs haven't seen that much action since my honeymoon! Note to self: load that bar up if you're into lifting heavy. The "mature" ladies in the class have very little weight on their bar so I got scurred but ended up wanting to lift heavier. Enjoy the new gym!

  4. I hate when people choose the treadmill right beside me!
    One - I'm gonna lose the race even if she's 65 and overweight
    Two - I'm terrified I'm gonna smell or something
    I just want to be left alone to pant and sweat in peace.

  5. I race everyone always. That's what they get for being the lucky duck that's next to me at the gym.

    What tri are you considering?

    I didn't love body pump... super high rep, high speed, low weight. I would much rather be lifting high weight, low speed, low rep. HOWEVER, some people swear by it and absolutely adore it... I swear by spinning. Always and forever yes.

  6. Dude! The Lord V meme and quote..... I'm dying! Hahahah


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