Tis the season of PSL and Slow Cookers

People go totally apeshit for fall. And boots. I guess I get it, sort of. I love fashion, and the weather is nice, sure, but to me, fall is just pre-winter. It's the time when we mourn the passing of summer. Gone are the days of flip-flops, sun-kissed skin and short shorts for a whole year, and here are the days of heavy meals, dull colors and pumpkin everything.

It's not that I hate it, it's just that I LOVE summer. And I kind of hate winter. Sweaters can go fuck themselves and I'd be happy if I never saw snow again. Good thing it doesn't snow much here, and when it does the whole city shuts down because we can't. even. handle. it.

Anyway. October kicks off the Holiday Season. This is the time of year when you're tempted with ALL the noms.

It begins with Halloween and the extra 2-3 bags of candy we buy that isn't for trick-or-treaters. Then the smells of fall fill your house with each pumpkin-cinnamon creation, then we transition into Thanksgiving with the huge meals, heavy sides and desserts times 3. And then when that's over? Christmas. There is tons of food at each holiday party and a "tis the season!" attitude about eating every last cake ball. And then everyone resolves to undo the damage that was done on January 1. Every. Year.

Last year was the first holiday season that I didn't gain any weight - I lost weight. How? Because I tracked my calories. I made healthy choices at parties. Just because the food is there, doesn't mean I have to shove it down my gullet. Plus, I was training for my first half marathon.

Run like you stole something, bish. 

Aside from all the hollerdays, as the weather gets cooler it's easy to do a lot of slow cooker meals with cream-soup bases. Don't get me wrong, I love comfort food. It's just hard to keep it sexy when each meal is approximately 2,653 calories.

My point with all of this, is to preempt holiday weight gain. Let's be skinny betches this season, mkay? I always feel better about myself when my pants button.

Count calories. Make wise choices. Did you have a PSL today? Maybe skip the pumpkin bread then. Are you going to a party this weekend? Don't drink any other night. You can still celebrate without overindulging. 


  1. I think so many of us in hot states like fall because it's what summer feels like to California or Ohio or something lol. But yea I want to shed a few pounds and tone up before thanksgiving gets here for sure!

  2. I lost weight one holiday season too, but I was getting married the following April - the things we do for that dress!!! I need to start acting like that again though, this is just ridiculous! I am working out like a boss, but eating like crap and gaining... I cant complain because I am just doing it to myself!

  3. best line - Run like you stole something, bish.

  4. I don't have my kids for Halloween this year so all of their candy can stay at their dad's house. Let his ass get fat (well, it already is so he can just get fatter). I also don't plan on handing out any candy that night so hopefully I can avoid a few pounds there.

    Bah humbug, I hate sweaters, I hate winter and I hate the holidays. Can I just go into hibernation?

  5. Don't hate on my lover. Fall and I are in a deep and committed relationship. HAHA!

  6. I super puffy heart fall. all the colors and scents and big warm clothes to cover up my, ever growing muffin top and ass because I am too lazy to get off the couch and do something about it, body. oh- and i love it for the boots too, even though i don't own any. pumpkin spice anything/everything has already been bought and in my house.

  7. I am such a summer girl, it isn't even funny. I don't even know why I live in a state that actually has seasons. I hate cold weather. And the pumpkin overload is a bit much. Why don't apples get any love? They're in season too!

  8. Thank you!!!! I mean.......I like fall fine....I liked it when I lived in Memphis because it meant it wasn't hot as balls outside and I could make it to class without sweating like a whore in church. But here in San Diego, I just don't get what the big deal is. It stays warm. Why do people try to force fall on themselves?!?! It's not comfortable 99% of the time here to wear boots and a long sleeved shirt and all that fall crap. I wish everyone would just embrace that it's summer most of the year here. And you...you should just move out here :)

  9. Amen sista. My BF is a Texas man himself (it's as hot as hades there and I LOVE it)...Here in Missery (Mo.) it snowed so much last year my daughter claimed God had chronic dandruff. We were at one time we were locked in the house with tons of food and no electricity. This year I will will not drown my fall and winter sorrows in food. Holla.

  10. Haha! YES! In Texas the world STOPS when the white stuff falls from the sky!

  11. True story: The only time I didn't let myself go at the holidays was when I didn't eat meat. And even more true: I have every intention of doing it again this year. I know. So, so, so bad. I still work out, but I figure that it's the one time of year that it's acceptable to not give a shit, and I just can't even handle myself around pumpkin pie. I can't. With that being said, because I work out and only let myself go like that once a year, it's not really a big deal for me when I get back on track.

    I love sweaters, but only because I live in a place that gets a fuckton of cold weather. For real, it's terrible. It snowed on Friday. SNOW. Let that sink in. Snow on October 4th. It blows hard.


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