After the show it's the after party

I went to a wedding this weekend that wound up being a mini high school reunion and it was just the absolute tits. My "date" was my best gay who I met a hundred years ago when we were wee lads in the sixth grade, who was also invited to the wedding in his own right, but we're sad, lonely fucks and couldn't find actual dates awesome motherfuckers and decided to go together from the beginning because we're good friends and always have fun together.

Cheers from our plastic cups.
We sort of like to party.

Lately I've been so appreciative of my friends. I mean, I'm always appreciative of people who can stand my assholeness (whatever, it's a word) for long enough to stick around, but my real friends, my inner circle, are some of the baddest motherfuckers that exist. Even the ones without kids don't give a shit if my son comes when we hang out, in fact, they like when he's there because he says cute things. The ones in relationships (so, most of them) never make me feel like a third wheel. (This is my husband. You don't have a husband.) They're smart and funny and totally not douche holes, and that's what I love in a person. Not being a douche hole. It's a semi-rare attribute to come across, and I appreciate it.


So I went to a wedding this weekend. I've known the bride since we were 7 and the groom since high school, so there were a billion people there from my past life. And it was awesome. 

I was kind of a nerd in high school, in case this was a question in your mind. Everyone at my table at the wedding was in band with me way back when, and the other people I knew from playing soccer and having various AP classes with them. (Mathletes say whaaaaat.) It was cool to see everyone and hear about their careers, and made me excited for our ten year reunion, which I previously thought was going to be anticlimactic because of Facebook. On social media, you only know what someone tells you. When you're talking to someone in person, you get a sense of their intent and fewer things are lost in translation. It was a welcome change.

And after the party it's the hotel lobby.
Isn't she gorg? I mean, LOOK at that dress.

I may have a fake tan and platinum-ish hair, but make no mistake, I was still wearing Spider-Man undies under that grown-up dress. Nerky 4 lyfe.

We're on the bottom row, second and third from the left.
We were probably 11ish years old in this picture.

It was excellent to see some of the girls from my old soccer team there, AND my old coaches. Talk about a throwback. So congratulations to my friends, both on their wedding and for throwing a kickass party.

And on the seventh day, I learned why brunch exists. Because hangovers. I experienced my first trendy because-I'm-a-twenty-something-in-Dallas-and-that's-what-you-do brunch on Sunday with another old friend from high school. It was excellent, and overall a very throwback-y weekend. Sometimes you need those.

In other news, I'm starting a 30 burpees for 30 days challenge today, because burpees are the shit and a pretty solid whole body workout. Join me, won't you? Follow @spartanrace on Instagram and Facebook for other awesome workout plans - I incorporate a lot of their WODs into my routine.


  1. #hashtag #blessed
    and I would totes say yes to that dress!

  2. You look gorgeous! What kind of tanner do you use?

  3. LOL i never thought you were a nerd in school..i thought you were like super badass soccer jock (that happened to make good grades) lol

  4. Weddings? Meh. Parties after weddings? Yes!!! Weddings would be SO MUCH more dude friendly (and thusly third wheel girl friendly) if they served alcohol DURING the wedding. Just saying. And please excuse MY RANDOM caps lock issues. It's Monday and I need all the caffeine and have had none. FML (without a hashtag cause all you suckas are too reliant on those ^%(%^$## things)

  5. Dude... I saw that dress and died a little inside. Gorgeous!!!

    I skipped my 10 year reunion, and I'm not sad. I went to a different high school than all of the people I grew up with, but a couple of my residents have known me since I was 6 years old (awkward), and so every time they come to pay rent, it's a mini reunion, and we always talk about the people we used to know.

    I was totally in band. And colorguard. Yup.


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