Frisky Friday: Beardliness is Next to Godliness

Facial hair, brah. Gimme some whiskey kisses.

First, we need to tackle something. I'm pretty proud of my Thor costume, thanks mostly to my new fave fashion accessory, studded leather shorts.

Also, probably gonna need to wear a cape from now on.

You know what I was lacking in my costume though? That delish scruffy excellence Chris Hemsworth has going on. (He rocks it better than I would though.)

Hello, five o'clock shadow.

There's something so manly (or Thunder-Godly) about some scruff. If I wanted to make out with a smooth face, I'd kiss a woman mkay?

So that brings me to my favorite month of the year (because it's conveniently now).

Novembeard. Movember. No-shave November.

A month where guys are encouraged to have constant furryface from 5 o'clock shadows to full on mountain man. I dig it. (Unless you have a weird beard. Be cool, man.) Plus, it raises awareness for man-cancer. Mancer? (Feels wrong to abbreviate an illness like that.)

I meannnnnnnn, yeah. At the very least, you have a good head start. 
Do you also have arm muscles? Can you fix things? Let me give you my number.

You don't have to go full-on caveman. I just want you to have enough facial hair to look slightly rugged and dirty but still smell like some kind of musky man smell (like rich mahogany). Is that so much to ask? Also, please ensure that your beard doesn't smell like rotten milk and/or feet. Beard stank is NOT sexy.

Looks like it's getting pretty serious.

A quick note about the 'stache. I'm not on board with a mustache sans beard unless you're Tom Selleck, and even then I'm ehhhh about it. To each his own, though.

Beards can be epic.

I see a job as Santy Claus in someone's future.

Beards can be weird.

He gets points for time spent coiffing, though.

Beards can be juuuuuuust right.

BOOM, that's what we call full circle.

The point is, a little bit of facial scruffiness is sexy. It's the effortless kind of sexy, even though it takes a bit of effort sometimes. Girls do that shit too, with tousled JBF hair that takes an hour to perfect ("Perfecting Imperfection", my new book title). So guys, let those whiskies grow a little bit. Don't go overbeard, though. (See what I did there? Classic.)


  1. Lol!! Thank you for my Halloween treat. Mr Hemsworth is delish

  2. <3 me some Hemsworth. Excited to see him back on the big screen next weekend as Thor again!

  3. Haha my poor husband can't grow facial hair to save his life! He only has to shave twice a week, and when he does try to grow anything it looks like he just has a little dirt smudge on his upper lip! So I'll just have to stick with my baby face but I will say that Chris Hemsworth is hot as hell and it's mostly cause of his sexy facial hair ;-)

  4. Truly, you are a woman after my own heart. I love me some bearded, tattooed men. Bring on Novembeard!

  5. Hahaha. Ammon has weird beard. But when we're at Shiner, remind me that you MUST see his driver's license. It will make your entire weekend.

  6. love this... and totally agree, the hubs just started growing his out again and it makes me gaga!!!! his new job doesn't require a clean shaved face and I call that a WIN! :)


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