Meal Planning

I fly by the seat of my pants a lot. It makes for a fun stressful life. It's actually not stressful at all, more like disorganized. It's cool though, I live well in my chaos. Different strokes.

That said, I always feel much better when I plan. I feel better because I set myself up to feel better. I portion out my foodstuffs. I write down exactly when I'm going to workout and what muscles I'm working, whether I'm doing any cardio, etc. (This is the goal. Whether it happens every week is a different story.) It's most excellent because I LOVE not thinking about stuff. Let me just grab a tupperware and run out the door, please. You know I'm running late as per usual.

This is where I would put a picture of my plan for the week (but HERE is one I did before), but I didn't take one before I left the house and I'm blogging at 'bux because I broke my internet. Probably with the ugly face picture I posted on Instagram yesterday. (@nerkymeg - ugly face is my new favorite face.)

How to Meal Plan

A lot of factors go into planning. It's kind of a pain, but once you get used to it it's...still a pain. I mean, who wants to mess with it? Let's just figure something out as we go. I don't want or need to waste time planning my meals for the week.

WRONG-O. Because you know what happens when you don't plan? You order pizza, or you pick up something on the way home or you go out for lunch. Not only is it worse for you, but it's more expensive. Single mom up in the bish. I don't play that.

Generally I go to the grocery store at some point on the weekend with a mental list of the must-haves (milk, spinach, cookies, etc) and then buy whatever sounds good or is on sale. Sometimes I'll go with a recipe in mind I want to try, but generally I wind up with chicken or ground turkey and a fuckton of fruit. I still don't really know how to cook fish, maybe one day I'll learn.

Once I buy my protein, I'm mentally planning how to portion it out for the week. As a single person with a toddler for half of the week, one pound of ground turkey will last us about 3-5 meals depending on what I do with it. I'm the laziest chef in the world, if a recipe takes more than 15 minutes, I'm not making it. I got shit to DO, son. I eat vegetarian meals a lot because ew, touching meat is icky. (That's also why I'm single. Heyo!)

I just want to run my fingers through that hair have a polite and tasteful conversation with him. 

So on Sunday, I obtain groceries. I use this day to bake eggs or portion out my fruits and veggies or make a buncha sammiches to freeze. Usually I wait until approximately 9:23pm to think about lunch planning.

A typical day of food for me goes a little like this:

Pre-gym breakfast: Approx. 3 sips of coffee, some water and half a protein bar. It's all I can stomach that early.

Post-gym: Smoothie, the other half of the protein bar and an egg cup (eggs baked in the oven in muffin tins).

Banana, strawberries, pineapple, spinach and almond coconut milk.
Pro tip: Put it in a green cup and you won't get weird looks.

Mid-morning: Oatmeal or a piece of cheese and an apple or banana. Dairy is a motherfucker though and does horrible, horrible things to my body. Things no one should have to talk about.

Lunch: Sandwich or leftovers from dinner, usually 2-3 fruits and 1 veggie. In the above picture, I have berries and pineapple portioned out, as well as broccoli and carrots.

Mid-afternoon: Snickers. Hah, kidding. Usually some rice cakes (the sea salt and cracked black pepper ones are good) or a banana.

Dinner: Lean protein and a veggie. Or spinach and avocado quesadillas.

After dinner: I always have a sweet tooth after dinner. Some low-guilt options I like are bananas with Hershey's lite syrup, Hershey's lite syrup with almond milk, chocolate covered bananas or yogurt, pb and honey with apples.

Sometimes I sneak in a cookie or something here and there. And cheeseburgers. What's life without cheeseburgers? Not worth living, I say.

So basically I said all that to say that you don't need a special calendar to meal plan. You don't have to be Martha-Fucking-Stewart. You can have a mental plan, keep track of it on your phone or use a scrap piece of paper. Whatever works for you. Me? I HAVE to write things down or else they won't get done, so I write it on scrap paper or my calendar and stick it on my fridge where I see it every day. It works for me. The biggest obstacle in meal planning is getting used to sticking with the plan you made. Make sure you give yourself enough food for the day - what's the point in putting in all this effort if you're just gonna get a cinnamon roll and coke from the vending machine at 2:30?


  1. Ahh thank you for this post!! I'm trying to start meal planning but as a college student on a tight budget I never know where to start!

  2. That's also why I'm single....bahahah! You crack me up! love your humor! Great post...meal planning sucks...finally someone that calls it like it is!

  3. cooking fish is stupid easy, pick your fish... we do salmon, trout, anything that is on sale and not gross looking. I like to buy the frozen kinds when I have a coupon/sale they taste the same plus they don't go bad as soon. Then I plop my frozen fish on a cookie sheet or a baking dish depending on what's clean. I usually top the fish with lemon, tomatoes, capers, olive oil, and some olives. Because I want to look like an adult. (Trick- I use the same topping on chicken so I just keep them on hand pre-mixed in tupperware). Then you bake the fish at 350 for about 30 minutes... if it is frozen still it can take a little longer but once the edges look crispy it's good. If I'm fancy I will also bake veggies at the same time. Then I go and shower because no one has time to hang out in the kitchen.

  4. Easiest way to cook fish (I use swai instead of tilapia bc tilapia is way too fishy tasting): preheat oven to 400. Slather some olive oil on the fish fillet, add salt, pepper, and some Tony's (or any Cajun seasoning). Wrap in tin foil and bake for 15 minute. It's amazing.

  5. I seriously need to learn how to organize my meals. I think it would be much easier if I wasn't planning for 6 mouths instead of 1 or 2

  6. Thanks for sharing.
    I have been on the right track but its taking forever...!

  7. I am a lurker and never posted before. Think I originally found you from Mama Laughlin's blog. Fellow Texan (Austin). Try this fish. 6 minutes to cook and my kids actually eat it too.



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