Shiner Beer Run

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.

Not really.

Hey, remember that time I attempted to run a half marathon less than 12 weeks after tearing my ACL and meniscus and having subsequent surgery? I sure as shit do. 

This was a couple of days after I injured it, before I knew what was wrong.
All I knew was that shit hurt.

I ran my first post-op mile on a treadmill at barely-faster-than-a-walk pace 6 weeks after surgery. That's half the time they told me I'd be able to run again in a best case scenario. I waited about a week after that and tried again. I didn't want to push it (more than I was already pushing it). I ran maybe, I dunno, like 5-6 times between that mile and race day. The longest run I did was 6 miles a week and a half before race day and it was slow. Really slow

The thing is, I signed up for the race with a lot of people. Part of the reason I even showed up on race day is because I didn't want to let these classy betches down. The other part is that I'm stubborn and didn't want to puss out. Plus, beer.

Caitlin from Your Favorite Girlfriend and me after the race waiting in the beer line.
I literally couldn't feel my face in this picture, I was so cold.

So Thursday night I went out and bought my first pair of compression pants. I'd read about them and decided I needed a pair because fuck yeah, I'm a legit runner. Get ALL the gear. They keep everything all tight and stable and it's pretty awesome and perfect for my knee. (I seriously do love them, though. I'll wear them on ALL of my cold weather long runs now.) I wore my knee brace on top of them for extra stability. (For once. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.) It helped that they were having "ladies night" at the store. Wine me, then take all my money. All of it.

Friday I left work early with a lot of "be careful"s and "don't push it"s and worried looks from my coworkers. It's like they don't even know me. Or maybe they know me too well. One of those.

I drove 5 hours from Dallas to Houston to stay with a friend. I got in around 8pm, just in time to carb-load (get inside me, fettuccine alfredo) and go to sleep. In the morning we woke up early as FUCK at a reasonable time now that I get up early as fuck sometimes to workout, to drive the 2 hours to Shiner. The wind chill was 31 degrees with 19 mph wind when we got there. AND it was drizzly. Fuuuuuuuck that. I live in Texas because I don't like cold weather, mkay? Jesus be a blanket, I can't deal with this.

Yeah, I dressed like Superman.
Capes make you go faster, right?

I started the race with my friend and her dad and eventually recognized Radiant Kristen and caught up with her. She stuck with me the whole race like a boss. 

Radiant and me.
Notice how we aren't sweaty. It was THAT COLD.
I froze my nips off.
They're lying somewhere on a 2 lane road in Shiner, TX.

When it got shitty and we didn't want to run anymore, we made up our own "Hey Girl"s. "Hey girl, let me give you a foot massage." "Hey girl, you look so sexy in those compression pants". 

We ran 7 miles at an 11-11:30 minute pace before we hit a stretch of road that wasn't paved. (Thanks, small town Texas.) It was too uneven and dangerous so we walked that section, close to a mile. I'm not ABOUT to twist my knee weird and tear my shit again because I stepped on a rock. NO. So by that point, my muscles had tightened and everything ached from my hips to my toes, but we picked it back up again. We ran maybe 1/2 mile more before I had to start walking. My hips, man. They don't lie.

This is what rural Texas looks like, in case you've only been to big cities.

Truth is, my training was non-existent for this race. The fact that I ran 7.5 miles less than 12 weeks post-ACL and meniscus reconstruction with little to no preparation is fucking insane and awesome all at once. My body wasn't ready to run 13.1 and I know my body better than anyone, so I walked the rest.

Here's the thing. Yes, I finished the race. However, to me, it doesn't count as doing a half marathon if I didn't run it. I'm going to sign up for another one after the first of the year to redeem myself and run the whole thing with two properly working and well-healed knees, and then who knows. Maybe I'd like to get that 26.2. Maybe I'll attempt my first triathlon. Maybe both.
I thought my ears were gonna freeze off.
I'm torn between feeling proud that I ran 7.5 miles and being disappointed that I didn't run the whole thing.

I was exhausted on my 4.5 hour drive home. All of my joints hurt from my hips down through my toes. I seriously could BARELY walk. I feel much better now though, ready to get my burpee on. Who's committing to 30 burpees every day through the end of the year with me? You can do it!


  1. Girl, I felt your pain, literally!! I felt the same way after the run. It was that damn crazy ass weather!! Awesome job on your running!! The weather made that a hard run anyways but the fact you still did it after your injury is IMPRESSIVE!! Kudos to you!!

  2. Everyone has shitty races. This one was ours. But shit, we had some fun. Next one we are going to kill it!

  3. Congrats on some of it. Look, here is the deal. Even Super Heroes need some healing time so unless you're from Krypton or full of Adamantium, be happy with what you got. You'll kill the next one once your body fully accepts that your knee is part Zombie.

  4. I would have aimed for the shiner run next year.....but I'm a weather pansy!
    Find a spring or summer one and I may do a meetup and embarrass myself with y'all to do a half.

  5. Best beer ever!! But seriously, loved getting to meet you and I never would have attempted it if it weren't for you!


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