It's OVER!

I love Christmas so hard. This was my year to have my son on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Since my son is 2, I get to create all of these new traditions that we'll do forever and one day he'll be grown and reminisce back on when mom used to make the best pancakes for dinner on Christmas Eve and he'll beg his wife to do it and she'll look at him funny and think I'm crazy, but I'll have the last laugh because I'll be damned if that wench is gonna turn my son against me.

My point is that we had pancakes for Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. The kind with the orange icing, y'all. YUMZ. (Fattysaywhaaaaaaat.)

And then I ran some miles. Because calories. And because tis the season for eating. And because I for real need to get my shit together because my size 4s are a little squeezy and I am NOT HAVING THAT NOISE. My knee has been holding me back a lot, but I can't even fully blame it on my knee, because I've been lazy as fuck lately with my workouts.

I love the whole season of Christmas, and as much fun as it is, I'm also happy when it's over. I want to get back to normal and focus on looking crazeamaze in my Wonder Woman swimsuit next summer. (Nerky WILL get to a beach this year. I can feel it.) It's time to get back on my running schedule. It's time to sign up for another race.

Worth noting: burpees don't get any easier or any more fun no matter how many you do. BUCK FURPEES.

But don't worry, it will only be extra busy for a couple of weeks.


  1. Fuck. I'm not looking forward to busy gyms. I may have to extend my holiday gym hiatus until February... just because I hate going to the gym and someone is on MY machine. Then the use it for 5 minutes and I've already started something else. Boooo.

  2. You no joke on the burpees. I took your #nerkyburpee challenge and have been doing them every day since Nov. 20...and they aren't ANY easier. I added 30 squats every day too - just to work it a little harder. Gonna try to keep it up going in to the New Year too...I mean, why not. My 6 year old daughter likes to tell me to "work it" and "step it up" when I am doing them - and sometimes does them with me, so I will keep it up to amuse her if nothing else.

  3. Merry Christmas...Happy New Year...blah, blah, blah! I hope you had a great holiday now, get your ass back in the game. I hate you and your size 4's as my size 8's are getting a little squeezy. Gotta get after that ass though, I have a wedding to plan! ;)


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