My humps day

It's getting hot in herre. Because it's ASS DAY, SON. 

How are those burpees coming, y'all? Did you get your 30 in every day so far this month? Did you think I forgot about it? WRONG BITCH. Get your burpee on because you bet your sweet, supple ass I'm doing them too.

My new favorite jam for my legs and glutes is plyometrics. It's been a long time since I could jump since I had surgery to repair my torn ACL in September. (I have my strength test Monday for the doctor to release me for running and exercise. LOL) I'm not even close to where I used to be and my left leg is RIDIC sore after workouts because I have to build that muscle back, but does that mean I give up? Aw HAYL naw.

My Current Leg and Ass Day Workout:
200 jumping jacks
30 burpees
30 box jumps
30 jumping lunges
30 weighted squats
30 crunches - because I ALWAYS include some ab work
Run 2 miles
Be fierce

Good gracious, ass bodacious.


  1. Like, Girl, I think my butt gettin' big! Love your blog. You always motivate me to get up off my big ass and workout. Why can't I know any cool bitches, like you, in real life? :) Oh yeah I'm posting anonymous cause I'm too lazy to sign in to the google thingy, and I forgot my password, ain't nobody got time fo that shit. But I'm pretty awesome, bu-lee-dat! :) Now time to go work dat ass!!!!

  2. Dadgum that's a touch workout! Baby got back!

  3. You are a powerhouse. So proud of your hard work!


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