Oh, for pete's sake, Mother Nature. We can't handle this icy bullshit and everyone knows it. We're just embarrassing ourselves now.

We do a lot of things well here and we have a lot of pride about it. If we weren't so damn charming, it would almost be arrogance.

I love this shirt so hard.

The capital of one of the most conservative states in the nation is also the most liberal city in the state because we're ironic like that.

Have you seen Bernie? It's pretty hilarious.

But do you know what? We don't do ice well. It ices maybe once or twice a year here in Dallas and the whole city metroplex goes into crisis mode. Every 2-3 years we get a big (for Dallas) ice storm that will shut down the whole metroplex for days at a time. We're currently experiencing icepocalypse2013, and the last time it happened the whole country watched as we got caught with our pants down during the Super Bowl in 2011.

I just noticed Cowboys Stadium looks vaguely like the Millennium Falcon.
It was 4 days of cabin fever and being creative with whatever was in your pantry.
But at least there was football.
Or whatever.

I don't know how this kind of weather gets handled up north, because we can't even deal, y'all. We're ill-equipped. How am I even going to get to work? My horse is gonna freeze out there.


  1. You are so right. I am glad I can work from home today. Still have a tree down in my driveway.

  2. Since I'm in Ohio we get hit with ice often during the winter months and I hate it. I don't mind snow. But ice sucks. It's scary {I'm a fall-er, as in I fall a lot}. No bueno.
    I hope Texas gets back to 'normal' for y'all soon and please don't let your horse freeze!

  3. 1. "We're just embarrassing ourselves now" LOL yes...yes we are.
    2. I want that shirt stat. Get in my closet!
    3. LOVED Bernie & THAT was my fav part of the movie!

  4. Oh & I've never thought about Austin like that but it's totally right on the mark!

  5. your horse? haha

    You Texans make me laugh! I'm from Colorado so I'm used to that snow and ice crap but I hate it and wish I lived in Texas!!

  6. "My horse is gonna freeze out there." Hahahahaha, that was my favorite part of this entire post.

  7. We pride ourselves in being tough, but let some ice fall and we lose it. Shameful.
    But at least we're still awesome...

  8. i think my favorite part is when the news talks about "ice force level 1" …and that is what, exactly? a guy with a wheelbarrow and a bag of sand? because you sure aren't actually fixing the problem that you knew was coming for at least a week. haha!

  9. Let's never talk about the panhandle again. Although, you want to know what was a revelation to me? Flipping Lubbock. I didn't hate it, and that blew my mind.

    Also, we deal with it by having plows and trucks that dump sand on the roads. It's wonderful.

  10. I am positive that I NEED that shirt.

    My school just cancelled AGAIN {I'm a teacher}, so this will be my 5th straight day in the house. I already told my husband I am leaving this house today one way or the other. I can't take it anymore!

    ~Candice from Lattes and Lists

  11. hahaha, I love that part of Bernie. "where the tex meets the mex, like the food"


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