Staying busy

I need to do things that make me happy and make me feel good. We all do. It's easy to get buried with boring life bullshit like mortgages and eight to fives and stanky diapers. But you know what? I like to paint, and I never make time for it. If I could make a living painting pictures and writing stories, I'd quit my day job faster than a young celebrity does a line of coke off a nightclub toilet seat.

So this weekend I made time for things I like to do, mothertruckers. ME-things. Like painting. You know that high you get after running? You're on a long run and it's difficult and then you realize holy shitfire, you only have a mile to go and you're DONE and you get that second wind and power through and finish strong like a muhfuckin' BOSS. You feel awesome because of your time/distance/accomplishment and the work you put in paid off. Painting gives me that same high. Feels good, bro.

I actually tend to suggest not painting characters on kid's walls, because they grow out of them and you have to paint over it. That actually works out for me though, because by the time my kid gets tired of something I'm probably ready to paint something even more rad. I can't wait to finish his whole room. I have to do it in sections though when he's at his dad's.

Speaking of my son being at his dad's place, Sundays are always my hardest day because typically he's with his dad. I've learned to keep myself busy with projects and friends and stuff so I miss him less. It's par for the course with single parenting. So this Sunday I painted a brown wall blue. (Ha.)


The brown has been there since I moved in and I finally borrowed a ladder to paint over it. It's literally the only wall in the whole place that isn't boring white, and they chose chocolate brown? Fuck you, previous owners. 

Have I mentioned before that I'm terrified of heights? Anything above the third rung and I'm in bad shape. I have this completely irrational fear that my body will betray me and fling me to my untimely death. IT'S A REAL FEAR, PEOPLE.

I called my dad when I started painting because I was legitimately terrified that I'd fall and die and smell up my condo until my coworkers wondered why I wasn't answering emails. He told me that he bought me a ladder for Christmas - one of those nice ones that bends in all the ways and totally isn't held together with a piece of rope. Well brang it on over, pops! She says, still understanding that no matter how stable the ladder, it still requires her to be elevated. 

It was sweaty palms and shaky hands for the whole 2 hours I was painting. Pro tip: Wear shoes when climbing a ladder because sweaty feet plus teensy rungs equals bad news bears. I'm just lookin' out for you.

But seriously, I'm stoked about my new ladder. I can even use it on stairs. How has a person of my stature even made it this far in life without owning a ladder? (I dunno, probably because I avoided the issue because I'm scurred.)

Also pictured: my new ladder.

I LOVE how bright the color is. Love it. I used Valspar Signature paint with primer in Rushing Stream. One coat covered the brown perfectly. I have some big fun plans for the rest of the rooms, and I feel like I gotta be honest with you, I'm scared shitless to paint those super tall walls. Know what though? This project, plus starting a new one AND nomming burgers with my friend, kept me busy on Sunday.

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  1. WOW awesome giveaways! Love them all!

    Great job with the painting! Lightning McQueen looks fantastic and I love that Blue color!!

  2. I love that blue! Awesome job!
    (and I don't like ladders either)

  3. don't forget the wine. allllllll the wine.

  4. Love the wall! I can not wait to be in a house/condo again where I can have colors!

  5. I agree that it's important to make time for yourself- you work hard! LOVE the chair in your house, so fun!

  6. Love the new color! Definitely an improvement. Also your dad is an awesome gift-giver.

  7. Love the new wall color! Tall walls are the reason my living room is still boring lol. And what an awesome giveaway! I think the running swag in #4 made it my fav

  8. All of your painting project look amazing. Remind me to fly you out here when we buy a house -- I hate painting. And holy giveaway! You guys went to town on that one!

  9. You did a great job on the wall, so glad you didn't fall of the ladder!

    Best prize pack is the first - Reese's are where its at! :)

  10. Yours is obv the blogger's stuff I'm looking most forward to winning. Although I just ordered the wonder woman brady band for myself . . . Tim Bob's is a close second with the shot glasses!!

  11. Can I just say I would be completely stoked to win anything?!


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