The camera loves you, dahlink

My last family pictures were taken about two years ago in a JC Penney portrait studio. I was like a billion pounds heavier and there was a spare husband in there cluttering up the scene, so I asked my friend Chelsea to take some current pictures of my son and me. She did his Christmas card pictures last year and they turned out totes adorbs.

Number one, LOOK at this cute packaging she put the flash drive with all of the pictures in.

Well that's the cutest presentation I've ever seen.

I met her over in a trendy part of town and dressed my kid up like Mumford and Sons in a trendy little outfit because we're trendy mothertruckers. So without further ado, check out how awesome ChelsCon Photography is.

That little grin, y'all.


Jumping is our favorite. This is one of many,

Moves like Jagger.

We did this approximately 1000 times because he was so giggly and excited about it.

The best.

I love how obviously windy it is in this one. He's hanging on to his hat at my hair is everywhere.

I love this and the following one as a set.

Dat popped collar.

Post-photo shoot treat. Like a rockstar.

This isn't even all of them - there are tons more. Isn't Chelsea amazeballs? If you're in Dallas, check her out. She's super fast too - we took the pictures Saturday afternoon and I had a flash drive with 90 images in both low and high resolution on Wednesday.

P.S. Aren't fedoras on toddlers hilarious? Throw on some aviators too for maximum swag, brah.


  1. Those two with the hat amazing. I tried a hat on my son once...he took it off and threw up in it. Needless to say that dream ended...

  2. He is the most handsome thing EVER! That moves like jagger is my most favorite! Lady killer right here. And let me tell you , your outfit is FIERCE! Looking all hot!

  3. These are beyond adorable. That fedora is on point!

  4. Fedoras are so adorable on kids. My hubby gave his niece a Hello Kitty one for Christmas last cause he said he knew it would annoy his brother lol

  5. I was really sad that I didn't get to meet Mr. Mylo a few weeks ago, he seems like a super rockin' kiddo! Love how these pictures turned out, and that shade of blue looks incredible on you!

  6. These are just precious - as are last year's! His outfit is the best and that hat....I DIE! I hope you are printing them out and putting them in an album...I have been doing that for the last five years. Same guys takes my son's pics every year during his birthday month and I scrapbook them. I LOVE looking through that album!

  7. All of these pictures are PRECIOUS!

  8. OMG those pics are fan-fricken-tastically prescious!!!!!! I love the running to you and then the next you hugging him tight. So adorable!!!! Wish I lived in TX so I could hire this photographer!

  9. These are too cute! He's more fashionable than I am!!!

  10. omg these pics are too adorable! Love the Fedora and the sunglasses!

  11. DYING! Get this kid an agent, he was made to be in front of the camera. And you don't look so bad yourself :)

  12. Love these pictures, they are so good! Myles is just freaking adorable and you are such a cutie patootie yourself.


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