Hey look, some rich kid did a thing.

Can the internet please stop shitting itself over the poor decisions young celebrities make? Zero fucks should be given, unless you're the kid's mother, in which case you need to give a lot of fucks.

Bieber's mugshot is better than 95% of my selfies, and I'm not sure how to handle that. Color me jealous of those pearly whites.
Question: Why isn't he smiling in the profile picture, too? Is it because he's embarrassed about his weird haircut? Prob.

So he got arrested for drag racing or something? *YAWN* Of course he was also drunk and high. He probably feels a lot of pressure to drink like a big boy. Are people surprised by this? I'm so confused as to why people care.

Like we all didn't do stupid shit as kids. If I were a celebrity, the media would have hung me out to dry that time I got black-out drunk, peed in a parking lot and passed out on a city bus in a foreign country. I never would have made it out of college without being arrested if everyone were watching my every move. Yeah, that was me with red eyes at the grocery store, giggling like an idiot. Do you know why I thought it was a good idea to go grocery shopping high? BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING 19. (And also Cheetos and muhfuggin' cinnamon rolls.) It's what kids do.

The age of 18-23ish is for doing stupid shit (and also college). Get it out of your system before you have real responsibilities. (Just try not to get pregnant - it's the most permanent STD.) Yeah you have to be safe and try not to die, but where's the fun in thinking practically when there are red solo cups, ping pong balls and a slip 'n slide?

My point is, haven't we all been that asshole kid at some point? I don't do that shit anymore because I'm a fucking adult now, but I've been there. I was just lucky enough to not have the whole world watching my fuck ups. 

Some rich kid getting arrested for being a brat. Neat.

It makes me sad that "Kardashian" is misspelled on a meme which otherwise solidifies an excellent point, but happy that the misspelling reminds me of Calrissian. As in Lando.


  1. THANK YOU! And for real, don't interrupt a senator speaking about some other crap that is their actual job, with "breaking news" about a celebrity. Ugh. The kid is gonna be stupid, as all kids are. Yes, his mommy needs to step in, but that's her job. Not ours.

  2. The fact that Kardashian is spelled wrng reminds me of the Kardassians on Start Trek. Boom.

    Sheldon Cooper and Ammon are essentially the same person. Essentially.

  3. Amen Sister, I'm just glad we didn't have cell phones or social media when I was a kid or I'd be fucked! Every time I told my mom I went "bowling" or to a "movie" some idiot would have put me out on IG doing a keg stand.

  4. BEST. ever. I mean, who gives a crap, everyone in celeb world does this. It's like a rite of passage. Go crazy in your late teens. But we ALL do it, we just don't have effing cameras documenting all of this.


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