Night time snackaroos

I gained a couple of pounds over the hollerdays. Wanna fight about it? Here's something I get sick of hearing (albeit it's better than the flip side): You're so tiny, you don't need to lose weight!

WRONG. I may be small in stature, but I still jiggle. I still have rolls when I bend at my waist. I still have cellulite (ew). Read: I still have things I want to improve about myself.

True story: When I don't wear heels to work (rarely), people don't recognize me, and then once they realize it's me, they immediately ask what's wrong. Yesterday I wore flats because I lost a fight with my nightstand. Really, it was my pinky toe that lost the fight, and together we wept for the toenail that was ripped off too soon. (It hurt like a motherfucker, ergo flats.)

So my point is, everyone has a struggle, whether it be with weight or bedroom furniture. Don't even be all "I've never been putting away laundry and twisted around while catching one of my little piggies on a curved metal piece of my nightstand, causing instant searing pain as it severed the toenail from the toe almost completely." I mean, we've all been there.

Could have been worse. 

So the actual point is, everyone has a struggle. My goal isn't to lose 50 pounds, that would be silly and unhealthy. My goal is to lose a few and tighten up in general (so I can rock my bikini this summer, duh). I'm always going to be a work in progress as long as Christmas keeps happening with all the cookies and candy. (Mmmm cookies.)

My biggest problem right now is night time snacking. Unless I'm having some really vivid dreams (heyyyy), there's no way I'm burning off the calories from those tortilla chips I ate at 10:30. What a waste. So in an effort to get back on track, I busted out the good ol' rulebook:

- Eat dinner, clean up and turn the kitchen lights off. Get the hell outta dodge. The farther you are away from the siren call of the junkfood, the bettah.

- Brush your teeth right after dinner.

- Talk yourself off the ledge when you really want some ice cream at 9pm (unless your boss was a dill hole, your boyfriend broke up with you, dog died, etc. - there are always extenuating circumstances). Is it worth it? You can always try chewing gum instead of eating. Also try drinking a glass of water.

- Have a cup of tea before you go to sleep. I like chamomile. It's caffeine free and it will help you wind down. It also has about a jillion other health benefits.

If you want to see results, it's not gonna be a piece of cake. Literally. Put the fork down and step away from the cake.


  1. I am having that same problem. Late night eating, not ripping my toe nail out. Although I do feel your pain. Quit reading my mind. Lol.

  2. I like this post a lot. I get so sick of people telling me I don't need to lose weight or workout or eat healthy because I'm not big. Like working out is only for bigger people? Give me a break! And I'm going to try the get out of dodge approach to snacking. I am bad about having dinner, watching a little tv then cleaning up. After I get back in the kitchen it's so easy to just grab an extra bite of this or that.

  3. My late night cup of tea is pretty much routine, as a treat after cleaning up the kitchen and tornado mess from the toddler.
    and the furniture battles? yep...those stupid pinky toes have been broken a total of 11 times between the two of them. Not the nail, the bone itself. Add me to the furniture fighting club, sadly the furniture is undefeated in this house.

  4. All the Christmas candy the kids got over the holidays I packed up and put it in the basement. I'm pretty sure the kiddos are into it like a crack stash, but whatever, it's not attaching itself to my ass right?

  5. ... LOVE your last line, totally made me laugh (but it's true!) I feel a little gipped over the "holiday" season. Getting sick, I lost 10 pounds in 7 days, and then I gained it all back. I'm left with a "what if" I hadn't gotten sick? Would I have been able to maintain my activity and control my eating? As it is a pretty much maintained, so no real complaints, I just do wonder how I would have done (in all honesty, I probably would have had a gain, I'll just never know now). I was REALLY hoping to hold onto some of the "loss" ... but alas.

  6. Thanks for this! I have been wanting loads of ice cream & cookie butter...together. I'm doing the 10 day herbal cleanse & although I've done it before, it's frickin hard when you have a sweet tooth.

  7. My hardest habit to break is the 3:00pm sugar craving, and the wanting a sweet immediately after dinner. And a protein shake just. ain't. cuttin'. it. I've been trying to eat "clean"-er, but that sugar thing is killin me!

  8. I try not to do anything sweet after 3 pm. It's hard as hell, but it really helps me when I need to get my weight down a little. Also, I probably won't recognize you in heels since I've only ever known you in running shoes and a cape. Fact.

    You're going to be back in bikini-rocking shape in no time. Then all of the douche canoes who can't handle a little nerkiness are going to be crying.

  9. Night time snacking is my biggest problem. Thank you for posting your rules, I'm going to write them down and put them where I can see them ��

  10. That's why wherever I go, I roll in my sneakers. Too uncoordinated for heels, yo.

  11. Brush your teeth right after dinner... GENIUS!

  12. ugh, eating late is ONE of my biggest problems. I wish I had your motivation...


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