So I have these friends. In real life. Real people I actually see and hang out with regularly. It's pretty bitchin'. The end.

Just kidding. (I don't know why they hang out with me.)

So I have these friends. One of them is my friend Angela. She usta be livin' large, ifyouknowwhatimean. And now she's cute as hell and totally training to run her first half marathon. She's lost like a billion pounds. Okay, that's not fair. She's lost over 100 pounds. She's still working hard doing workouts that are fun and work for her - she loves the shit out of Jazzercise. I can't wait for the day when she busts out her Jazzercise routine at da club. Can't. Wait.

@cookiemomster on Instagram

She lost 40 pounds last year alone by changing her diet and starting new exercises. She makes ALL the healthy choices and still makes room in her "diet" for cheeseburgers and wine and pie. Balance, betch. I like it. Plus, who would I get cheeseburgers with if not for her? (#foreveralone) Hey Angela - I'm proud of you, hooks.

Another friend of mine is my milf workout buddy, Jen. We met at the Big D half marathon last April and she might curse more than I do. She read Mama Laughlin's blog and pity-read mine when we met and found out I'm amazing. (And modest.)

@jpricegirl on Instagram

You'd have no idea she used to be big if you only saw her today. She lost 60-70 pounds after her last kid like a fuggin boss. Homegirl has THREE kids, too. I mean, damn.

We run together. We sweat at the gym together. We text each other encouragement when the other one is fucking up her meals, workouts or life in general. She rocks. She's not nerky at all, but I forgive her. Isn't she gorg?

This blog has led me to all sorts of people. I LOVE meeting y'all, and I'm so thankful for this weird internet community we've created! All of the new friendships. All of them.

Kristen, Jen, Brandi and me.
We all used to be fat.
We're all not anymore because we worked our asses off.
Quite literally.

The difference in being thin after having been fat, as opposed to always having been thin, is that you appreciate the struggle. You know how hard it is to lose the weight and how differently you're treated as an overweight person. You know how easy it is to gain weight. You always appreciate something more when you have to work for it, amirite?

Losing weight totally changes you as a person. We all lost weight and gained a lot of confidence. We also all still have fierce insecurities about our bodies. I wonder if that's a side effect of hating the skin we were in for so long and if it will ever go away. Who knows. Regardless, I'm so glad that I can call all of these girls my friends! They're beautiful inside and out and we keep each other laughing. Isn't that what it's about? A day without laughter is a day wasted, betch.


  1. You all look BEAUTIFUL! And your friends rock, just like you! :)

  2. I love your whole tribe. Y'all rock!!

  3. I love you. All of you. That is al.

  4. That is great that you have such a close group of friends to hang out with. And you all are awesome for losing weight and getting hawt! Hope you had a great girls' night out!

  5. What a crew. I'm jealous! :)

    Y'all are all such an inspiration. *hugs*

  6. This is totally helping me make the decision to get on the damn treadmill today.


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