Wonder Woman Self Portrait

I did one of those drink-while-you-paint classes over the weekend at Wild Brush Studio. It was a Christmas gift for my friend and the voucher was about to expire (don't act like it's weird to give someone a Groupon for Christmas with the caveat that they have to use it with you). Because I'm total shit at planning things, it's almost April and we're just now redeeming it. We all have our faults.

As a douchebag artist, I thought it would be a fun night out, but I wasn't gonna hold my breath about whatever they had us paint. I've seen the pictures on Facebook of my friends high school and college acquaintances. It's like 10 people each holding up a picture of a multi-colored tree against a night sky. Totally fun that everyone is learning to paint, but that kind of art just isn't my style. I looked at it as a fun new experience and then I'd probably reuse the canvas later for something else if they had us paint something I didn't want to hang up. No biggie.

This studio was a little different, though. We got to pick whatever we wanted, either from a sample book they had available, a picture we had, the interwebs or whatever. Boomshakalaka, game on. I'm more on board now.

Plus, wine. 


Real talk: who goes to a BYOB painting class without any libations in tow? Answer: everyone else in the class. My friend and I were lit like the fourth of July while the middle-aged couples stared us down with blatant judgment for being the ratchet lesbians they thought we were.

I settled on a variation of the picture I have as my phone lock screen. I pretty much had to.

True story.

My grandma was an artist. She once told me that if you change 5 things about a painting, then you can call it your own. I don't know if that's an actual rule, but I follow it. There's a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism.

Basically, you paint your background, dry it with a blow dryer, then they draw your image in chalk, and you paint in the lines. I drew my own image because I'm picky like that. I can't believe I've never thought to use chalk before. I always use pencil to sketch murals on the wall and it's a pain right in the ass to erase/paint over. The more you know.

Get it? Because I have blonde hair.

Because life is a balancing act of cheeseburgers, wine and exercise, I yogged 7 miles on Sunday, sweating out cheap wine and caffeine the whole way. Boom, nailed it.


  1. Your painting looks great!! What a fun night!

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! Way to go and LOVE the painting!

  3. That's awesome!!! I love the blonde!
    and the gif?? priceless!

  4. That looks like fun! You did great!

  5. Seven is a long ass way to yog after a night of libations. Good work.


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